Journalist Jemele Hill Faces Backlash After Tweet W/ LGBTQIA+ Slur Resurfaces, She Apologizes: I’m Ashamed

Journalist Jemele Hill Faces Backlash After Tweet W/ LGBTQIA+ Slur Resurfaces, She Apologizes: I’m Ashamed

Some Twitter users are lashing out at journalist Jemele Hill for an old tweet that has surfaced. In the now viral tweet, which is dated May 7, 2009, she referenced someone by “Manny the Tranny.” It states,

“my FB friends are calling him “Manny the Tranny”…so inappropriate and hilarious”

It didn’t take long for many to call for her to be “canceled” as the LGBTQIA+ community faces tragedies in the headlines, such as the recent killings of transgender women Dominique Rem’mie Fells and Riah Milton.

In addition, June is gay pride month and is celebrated around the world by the LGBTQ, trans and cis gender communities. See reactions to her tweet below:

The former ESPN host replied and clarified who she was addressing in her decade-old tweet.

“Let me address this. I saw some folks circulating this tweet from 2009 in my TL after I crticized Barstool’s Dave Portnoy for a racist skit that went viral yeserday. Let me expain why I kept this tweet up when it was brought to my attention:”

She continued and said explained the tweet stemmed from baseball outfielder Manny Ramirez testing positive for a women’s fertility drug. She added,

“It was wholly ignorant, dumb, and offensive. I am ashamed that I was so uneducated about trans issues t the time. I stand with this community firmly today. I kept the tweet up because I welcome the opportunity to apologize and to show growth. See, unlike some people, I’m not defensive about my moments of failure. I learn from them and own it.”

She added that she cares little about some trying to call her about the tweet, and more about the actual wellbeing of the trans community.

Billy Porter

“Pose” star, Billy Porter recently spoke out against the black community’s treatment of the LGBTQ community and likened it to white supremacists.  In part, the actor states,

“…Black people, hear me. ‘Cause y’all ain’t gon’ like this one. As a Black queer man in America, my basic human rights have been up for legislation every single day that I have had breath in my body- from all sides! And by that I mean that the Black community’s relationship with the LGBTQ+ community is appalling at best, and eerily similar to that of white supremacists vs. Black folk. Hear me, Black people, and hear me well! I’m calling y’all out right here and right now. You cannot expect our demands of equality to be met with any real legislative policy and change when y’all turn around and inflict the same kind of hate and oppression on us.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers