Carmelo Anthony Says The NBA ‘Is A Part Of The Feds’

Carmelo Anthony Says The NBA ‘Is A Part Of The Feds’

Could the NBA really be a part of the FBI?

According to Carmelo Anthony, 37, the NBA knows and sees all, which he learned early, after his first fight during his time in the league.

Carmelo Anthony

In a recent interview with the ‘Millon $ Worth Of Game’ podcast, Carmelo Anthony opened up about his experience in the NBA and how quickly he learned everything could be taken away from him. Recalling the consequences of the 2006 brawl at the Gardens between the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks, Anthony said,

“David Stern suspends me out of everybody, 15 games. Everybody else got like six games, seven games, s*** like that, and I go speak to him like, ‘Why you do me like that?’ [He said,] ‘Man your rap sheet.'” 

Carmelo Anthony said David Stern, who passed away in 2020, asked him if he wanted to be in the NBA or in the streets, pointing out that the NBA is a corporation. Anthony explained that Stern also alluded to knowing everything the player did on and off the court. Carmelo Anthony added,

“[He said] ‘I know who you’re with. I know where you live at, I know where they live at, I know when you close your eyes, I know when you wake up. I know what they’re doing. Either you tell them to stop or you gotta cut them off.’ And I was like d***, how the f*** you know? And that’s when I knew the NBA was part of the feds. Thats when I knew. And he told me, ‘I gotta make an example out of you…I know weverything. I know your whole crew. I know who’s doing what.'” 


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Anthony was selected by the Denver Nuggets as a first-round draft pick in 2003. In August of this year, he signed a one-year contract to play with the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Lebron James and Russell Westbrook. 

Russell Westbrook

LeBron James

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole