Tamar Braxton Says “Braxton Family Values” Is Paid 75% Less Than Kardashians 

Tamar Braxton Says Braxton Family Values Is Paid 75% Less Than Kardashians

In a series of tweets, Tamar Braxton says that white executives who have the power to tell black stories, are the reason her families’ show, ‘Braxton Family Values’ wasn’t as fun or funny after the first few seasons.  The debate began, after a Twitter user posted this video, saying that they miss Braxton Family Values on TV.

It was an exchange in the comments of the video that caught the eye of Tamar Braxton, where one social media user said that the show was funny in the first few seasons but lost their attention once it became only drama:


Tamar Braxton retweeted the comment explaining that her and her family still experience drama to this day as a result of the show, placing the blame on ‘white executives’ who have the power to tell the stories of black families.

& STILL more DRAMA till this day! but that’s what happens when it’s all white executives having all the power & telling your black family stories.  I WILL get justice for my family and all other black reality shows with the narrative of ABP & negativity. it’s TERRIBLE& I’m tired”

She then added that the negative scenes on the show where done by the ‘white executives’ in order to “ruin your credibility,”

“Your post is exactly what I’m talking about. I too feel the same way. It used to be funny and fun. But some will say well you actually said or did the negative things. True but now true. It’s the context. And that’s why they do it. To ruin your credibility.”

She replied to another fan who inquired about ‘Braxton Family Values’ returning to a black owned network, who would more more than happy to have the show on their network, considering the ratings the show brought in.

I wish y’all could work out a deal with a black owned network. Any one of them would be ecstatic to have the Braxton Family! @BET @OWNTV @bouncetv @tvonetv We ALL remember the ratings that @BFV_WEtv brought to @WEtv !! #PayThemTheirWorth #PayThemTheirRespect”

KUWTK promo circa 2016

Tamar Braxton then replied stating that her and her family, were paid 75% less than the Kardashians for their show on E! which doesn’t paint the family in the same negative light as her show did.  She also alludes to still not being paid for the shows theme song.

Tamar Braxton quickly cleared up her comment, saying that it is not just about about pay, but more-so about feeling like a slave, working in hostile environments,

She ended her series of tweet, saying that this wasn’t a rant.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo