Bobby Brown Claims He Taught Michael Jackson How To Moonwalk

Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson

Bobby Brown Claims He Taught Michael Jackson How To Moonwalk

Legendary singer Bobby Brown sat down with rapper Fat Joe on his IG Live show and revealed something that even Joe was surprised about, Bobby claims that he in fact taught Michael Jackson how to do the Moonwalk.

The King of Pop first debuted the Moonwalk back in 1983 while performing ‘Billie Jean’ during the television special, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, commemorating 25 years of MotownAlmost 10 years later in 1993, Michael Jackson appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and taught the talk show host how to do the dance. When Oprah asked Michael where the Moonwalk came from, he said,

“The moonwalk came from the beautiful children, black kids that live in the ghetto, the inner cities who are brilliant and have that natural talent for dancing, any of them like the running man, they come up with these dances, all I did was enhance the dance.”

In terms of who actually taught him the dance, reportedly it was Jeffrey Daniel, a founding member of the band Shalamar that taught Michael Jackson how to do the legendary dance.

Michael is said to have saw Jeffrey perform the dance on Soul Train and had his manager call the show to introduce him to Jeffrey Daniel. From there, Jeffrey helped Michael perfect the dance after he initially was not able to master the Moonwalk. Michael’s siblings and Jeffrey spoke about the Moonwalk in a special called ‘The One and Only Michael Jackson”.

Fast forward to 2020 and Bobby Brown told Fat Joe the story about how he was the one that taught Michael the dance,

“When we first started out I had just came from Alabama learning how to do the Moonwalk, the real Moonwalk, where you put the sand on the ground and do it from the sand on the ground and it was like soft shoed. And Michael asked me to show him how to Moonwalk. This is a true story you could ask Michael Bivins, you can ask Ronnie Devoe, Ricky Bell, I showed Michael how to Moonwalk. I’m not insinuating, I’m letting you know that this is what happened. This is how the Moonwalk was formed.”

When Fat Joe excitedly asks Bobby if he really taught Michael how to Moonwalk, the “New Edition” member stated,

“He may have perfected it, but I taught him how to do it. We can bring Ralph Tresvant, BBD, all on because they was there when I was showing Michael how to do this, they were all there in the foyer of his house. He perfected it, I only used it for dance battles come on I was a break dancer. Whoever stepped up was getting battled I’ll battle anybody.”

This isn’t the first time that Bobby Brown claimed he taught Michael Jackson how to do his signature dance.

Back in 2017 Bobby in a lengthy conversation with Shawn Setaro of the Cipher, the New Edition frontman claimed that he was the first one to do the Moonwalk in the Orchard Park neighborhood in Boston and once again stated that he was the one that taught the King of Pop the Moonwalk,

“Plus, I was the first one in Orchard Park to do the moonwalk. So, the moonwalk was one of my signature moves. Nobody. I had brought it up from down South. It was something that just killed the game once I brought it up the East Coast.Actually, I was the one that taught Michael how to do it,“We was poppin,’ he was watchin’ us pop, he saw me do the moonwalk. And he [asked], ‘What is that?’ And I did it again. He just watched it, and he just started doin’ it.”

Bobby once again stated that he picked up the move from a young man in Alabama who taught him by sliding through the dance in sand spread on the ground.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla