R. Kelly: 3 People Arrested For Allegedly Bribing, Threatening Victims In Singer’s Case

R. Kelly

R. Kelly: Three People Have Been Arrested For Allegedly Bribing, Threatening Victims In R. Kelly Case

R. Kelly is making headlines amidst reports that three of his associates have been arrested for allegedly bribing or threatening victims in his case.


According to reports criminal complaints have been filed against Richard Arline Jr., 31, Donnell Russell, 45, and Michael Williams, 37, as Federal prosecutors say they have charged the men in separate schemes to harass, intimidate and bribe the alleged victims of R&B singer R. Kelly.

The feds claim Richard Arline Jr.’s scheme allegedly involved discussing a $500,000 payment to a victim to keep her from cooperating with the government.  During a recorded phone conversation, he was allegedly heard saying,

“If I had a way to talk to Rob (Kelly), being next to him and telling him what’s going on, without nobody listening to, no feds, nobody, he gonna pay her . . . off to be quiet.”

He continued, adding that she

“got too much. She got too much.”

Donnell Russell, an alleged manager and advisor of Kelly’s, reportedly threatened to reveal sexually explicit photos of one victim to the public if she did not end her lawsuit.

The third associate, Michael Williams, is accused of setting fire to an SUV in June that was parked outside a Florida home where an alleged Kelly victim had been staying.

Also in June, ex-girlfriend of R. Kelly, Azriel Clary, posted a photo on social media alleging that her vehicle was set on fire, but it’s unclear whether the two incidents are related.


Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, has responded on Twitter regarding the charges.

R. Kelly has been in prison for over a year after being charged in his widely publicized case on federal charges alleging sex crimes and obstruction of justice.  As of July 2019, the Bump ‘N Grind singer faces a total of 18 federal counts, including child pornography, kidnapping and forced labor.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers