Boxer Gervonta Davis Addresses Violent Incident With Ex Girlfriend: I Was Wrong For Doing That

Gervonta Davis, Dretta Star

Boxer Gervonta Davis Addresses Violent Incident With Ex Girlfriend: I Was Wrong For Doing That

Boxer Gervonta Davis is speaking out and admitting he was wrong for becoming physical with his ex girlfriend and his child’s mother Dretta Star. In February (2020), a video surfaced of the 25-year old boxer aggressively grabbing his ex girlfriend at a celebrity basketball game in Miami. See the clip below.

Fast forward to the present day and he’s opening up about the incident. During the podcast, Gervonta Davis had this to say:

“We have a chemistry. I love her and I’m over protective. So once I heard that she was at that game– and I told her, I said you need to get out of there. Thats my baby mother I look after and things like that,  and I make sure she’s good. Again, I love her—I was just mad. And, once I seen her, it’s not like I grabbed her by her neck, I grabbed her shirt, like, you gotta get outta here type thing. And, I probably was wrong for doing that. I WAS wrong for doing that. But, it wasn’t so much of not me trying to hit her, it was just me angry.”

During the podcast, host Brian Custer asked Gervonata Davis a series of questions. First he asked the boxer if he has an anger problem. Gervonta responded, “I would say a little”. It was then asked if he has a problem with women. Gervonta said, “No..No I don’t have a problem with women”.

When Gervonta was asked if he had to talk to anyone professionally about the incident and his anger. He responded:

“Yes I had to talk to somebody professionally, but It wasn’t because I had to. It’s more so of because of the situation in the future — knowing how to deal with stuff in the future.— Because you don’t agree with something react on it or deal with it a different kind of way besides going out there and touching someone –physical.”

In February, Gervonta turned himself in and was charged with simple battery and domestic violence. In a post online, Davis admitted to being aggressive but denied hitting the woman.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole