Kodak Black Files Lawsuit For Allegedly Getting Tortured While In Prison

Kodak Black

Kodak Black Files Lawsuit For Allegedly Getting Tortured While In Prison

Kodak Black is taking legal action over his claims that he’s being tortured in jail.

The rapper has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons, its director, and the warden, alleging that he’s been tortured at Big Sandy prison after being sent there from a Miami facility.

He said he was first sent to Big Sandy after an incident with a fellow inmate that left an officer hurt in Miami. He alleged that once he got to Big Sandy, he was the victim of a “gang beating” at the hands of guards as revenge for what allegedly happened to the guard in Miami. He claimed that during the Big Sandy incident, the guards “flicked” his testicles.

He said things have gotten worse since then and said he’s being forced to wear a paper gown with no back, and is held in a four-point restraint for more than six hours. He claimed he doesn’t have access to the bathroom so he has to urinate and defecate on himself as the guards allegedly make fun of him. He said there are also medical records that back his allegations that he’s suffered lacerations, vomiting, and his mouth bleeding because of how he’s allegedly treated.

The lawsuit also alleges that guards at Big Sandy put Kodak Black on his knees while he’s only wearing underwear and soaking wet. He said this not only brings physical harm but also humiliation and emotional distress.

He also said that Kodak Black, who is a Hebrew Israelite, is being refused his right to see a Rabbi.

He’s suing for damages, legal fees, and wants to be transferred to a lower security facility.

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