Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Says He’s “A Million Percent Sure” That Cops Didn’t Identify Themselves

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Says He’s “A Million Percent Sure” That Cops Didn’t Identify Themselves

The Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron reportedly decided not to charge anyone in the case of Breonna Taylor‘s death, after she was fatally shot by police in her home on March 13, 2020.

Brett Hankison however is now a fired Louisville police officer who was charged with wanton endangerment charges for shooting into the neighbors home during the break in.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker recently opened up about what he witnessed the night that Breonna Taylor died.

Kenneth Walker allegedly fired a shot at an officer in the thigh, and he was initially charged with attempted murder, but the charges have since been dismissed.

Shawn Hoover, Louisville police Lieutenant says they attempted 3 times to get someone to open the door,

“So it was the third time that we were approaching, it had been like 45 seconds if not a minute.  And then I said, `Let’s go, let’s breach it.'”

Kenneth Walker however says that their apartment was quiet before the officers rushed in,

“It was dead silent in the house.  It was 12-1 at night, or whatever time. So it was, it’s always quiet. We live in a quiet place. So if somebody was on the other side of the door saying anything, we would hear them. There was no response. So the next thing I know the door is flying open.”

Although Police say that they identified themselves, Kenneth Walker says he is sure they did not identify themselves before breaking in.

“I’m a million percent sure that nobody identified themselves.

That’s why I grabbed the gun. Didn’t have a clue. I mean, if it was the police at the door, and they just said, ‘We’re the police’, me or Breonna didn’t have a reason at all not to open the door to see what they wanted. 

That’s why I never thought it was the police. Because why would the police be coming here?”

Following the raid, Kenneth Walker filed a lawsuit against the Louisville police department as well as the city of Louisville, citing that he was a victim of misconduct.

The warrant that police officers had on the night of Breonna’s death was about a drug case involving Breonna’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover. 

Jamarcus Glover has since come forward clearing up that Breonna was not involved in anything drug related.

No drugs were found inside of Breonna Taylor’s home.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo