Black Ink Crew’s Ryan Henry Confirms Sleeping With His Friend’s Baby Mama: I’m Apologizing For The Pain I Have Caused [VIDEO]

Ryan Henry Confirms Sleeping With His Friend’s Baby Mama: I’m Apologizing For The Pain I Have Caused [VIDEO]

Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Ryan Henry has been facing some heat after his best friend Anthony Lindsey told the Internet Ryan Henry was sleeping with the mother of his children while he battled cancer.

33-year-old Ryan Henry responded in a lengthy video sharing his side of the story via his personal Instagram Tv in a video entitled
“There you have it… appreciate all who listened.”
He said the allegations were true, but that the parties involved had reconciled before the news even hit the media or the blogs.
“We had been talking about our friendship, we have been talking about our mistakes. We’ve been talking about our brotherhood… how do we continue on as friends, what’s going on with our children.”
Henry went on to say said he was surprised by the vitriol of Davis and that he didn’t respond immediately because he was in Las Vegas and didn’t want to seem “narcissistic” or “arrogant” with his response.
“People that I care about badly, I disrespected them. I disrespected myself, disrespected my family, all of our families… you ask yourself why did I and why do I hurt people that I care about…”
Now as far as why he did the deed, Henry gave more insight as well saying he “battled with internal mental health”  and said he made the choice while he was “in a dark place” but that he wasn’t a victim.
“I’m apologizing publicly the same way I’ve apologized privately for the embarrassment that I’ve caused, the pain that I’ve caused everybody. My plan of action is to repair relationships.”

Davis did not respond back with a video or comment on the actual video itself, but did post a series of memes.

As far as the mother of Anthony Davis’s Child, who goes by the name “nvninamarie” on Instagram, she plans to speak out in a video of her own. On October 18th she posted on Instagram revealing she would be going Live to address what’s been happening.


She gave more details on her Instagram story.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel