RHOA’s Shereé Whitfield Says The Reason She Chose To Be Celibate w/ Ex Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams Was Because The Sex Was “Horrible” 

Shereé Whitfield Says The Reason She Chose To Be Celibate w/ Ex Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams Was Because The Sex Was “Horrible”

It looks like Shereé Whitfield has a lot to say about ex-boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams and isn’t holding back!

Since the demise of their relationship played out on television, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘ alum is now sharing intimate details that transpired during their time together.

As previously reported, Shereé Whitfield called it quits with Tyrone Gilliams after he stood her up when she went to visit him in Philadelphia and after pictures of the embarrassing moment surfaced on social media. Tyrone claims that filming with Shereé in Philadelphia would have caused an issue for him legally and could be counted as a parole violation since he was still under strict house arrest rules.

Shereé Whitfield

Tyrone Gilliams

During the episode, Shereé was very saddened and upset over the embarrassing encounter and can be heard saying,

“I feel stupid, I feel crazy, I feel duped. I feel like the people he stole the money from, he robbed me emotionally. I feel so f***g stupid.”

The pair began dating during RHOA’s 10th season while he was still serving a 10-year prison term for wire fraud where he allegedly stole $5 million. In addition to the sentence, he was also ordered to pay $5 million back to his accusers. In fact, Shereé Whitfield had a falling out with Nene Leakes during season 10 of RHOA after she called Tyrone Gilliams a ‘con artist.’

Now, during a recent episode of Andy Cohen’sWatch What Happens Live,”  Shereé got candid about her relationship with Tyrone and even spoke about their sex life–or lack thereof. During the interview, she told Andy Cohen that she hasn’t spoken with Tyrone since the Philadelphia scene aired on tv last month.

Shereé also admitted that when she said that she was “celibate” on the show to

“see if Tyrone was truly committed to being in a relationship,”

she actually withheld sex for a completely different reason.

When asked if sex with Tyrone was good, Sheree said,

 “It was horrible… I realized one day I’m not gonna spend the rest of my life not satisfied.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole