Sunday 25th February 2024

Kevin Hart & Charlamagne Sign Multi-Year Deal W/ Audible, Will Produce Content To Amplify Black Voices

Kevin Hart & Charlamagne Sign Multi-Year Deal W/ Audible, Will Produce Content To Amplify Black Voices

Comedian Kevin Hart and media personality Charlamagne have partnered with Audible, an online audiobook and podcast platform owned by Amazon, in a multi-year deal to amplify Black voices.

Both Kevin Hart and Charlamagne will bring on actors, actresses, writers, singers, and storytellers to create projects on the platform in various different categories. All of the content will be produced under their individual entertainment companies Hartbeat Productions and CTHAGOD World Productions.

In a recent interview, Kevin Hart said the goal is to:

“Give people of color a better start. We’ve been starting at the bottom for quite some time and we’re just saying, ‘Let’s try to even out the playing field with a fair start out the gate.’”

He added that they will be the first to create a space like this.

“We know who you listen to, and we know why you listen to them.  And we know that if we attach those people to some of the material that’s out here to date or we give those people a chance to do their biographies and be the narrator behind it … there’s an opportunity to create and produce an audio space like never before. We feel that we can be the first to the table to do it.”

Charlamagne followed up by saying that the projects will be “very Black,” and he’s also excited because he and Kevin Hart’s careers are so different.

“Kevin and I are two Black men from two different spaces. Same culture, but two different spaces.  He’s comedy and I’m in the audio business and just the fact that both of us are coming together and forming this company, this vertical, this platform together, I think that says a lot. One thing that we have to continue to do as Black people is to move with unity and group operation.”

He continued:

“I really can’t wait to announce some of our first projects. I wish we could do that now, but you know, all the t’s aren’t crossed and i’s aren’t dotted yet.  I really can’t wait for people to see what Kev and I present to the world and I’m just excited, honestly, that two Black men are coming together to create this great company to empower more Black voices. At this point in my life, that’s all it’s about for me.”

“Audiences everywhere are eager to hear more from them — to laugh with them, to learn from them.  Charlamagne’s direct, no-nonsense perspective and Kevin’s hustle, humor, and authenticity are a winning combination; Audible is incredibly excited to join forces with these masterminds to create groundbreaking new originals.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo