Lil Wayne & Girlfriend Denise Bidot Are Following Each Other On IG Again After Breakup Rumors

Lil Wayne & Girlfriend Denise Bidot Are Following Each Other On IG Again After Breakup Rumors

Are things back on track for Lil Wayne and model Denise Bidot?

Earlier this month news circulated that Denise Bidot broke up with Lil Wayne because he was a Trump supporter.

Donald Trump, Lil Wayne

According to a source close to Denise Bidot she was allegedly hurt that the rapper was showing support for President Trump. They said Denise Bidot:

“was shocked when she saw Wayne come out with Trump. She’s so disappointed in him.”

She quickly responded to one fan who applauded her for the alleged move and tweeted:

“I did NOT! This is absolutely false…”

She also explained why she deleted her Instagram amid the reports and tweeted:

“Over it”

It’s still not clear if she and Lil Wayne were together or broken up because at one point, they unfollowed each other on Instagram.


Now, it looks like the couple isn’t having any issues as Denise Bidot is back on Instagram and following Lil Wayne again. She’s also the only person he follows on the app.


Denise Bidot, Lil Wayne

Back in June, the duo confirmed their relationship with a series of Instagram posts. Lil Wayne posted a simple caption:


She completed his phrase in the comments:


The 37-year-old rapper and the model have not been shy about showing off their love to each other on social media. In one recent display of love, Lil Wayne posted Denise Bidot along with a sweet caption,
“Stop sleeping on love.”
But it seems that not everybody is happy for the couple, as Denise Bidot previously addressed some of the backlash she’s received over their relationship.
“You may have noticed I’ve been more quiet on here lately. I wasn’t down for some of the negativity I’ve seen based on my relationship so I’m choosing to pause living so much on social media & focus more on living irl. After over 10 years of being single I’m allowing love in and idgaf who has an opinion about it. Also for those of you showing love and being happy for me, I see you and I appreciate you!”
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Authored by: Demi Lobo