Rapper Lil Loaded, 20, Reportedly Turns Himself In For Murder

Rapper Lil Loaded, 20, Reportedly Turns Himself In For Murder

Rapper Lil Loaded of Dallas (real name Dashawn Robertson), is facing charges for allegedly fatally shooting an 18-year-old man, Khalia Walker, on Oct. 25.

He was arrested Monday (Nov. 9th) after reportedly turning himself in at Dallas County Jail, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department told Complex. As of Tuesday (Nov. 10th), he was still in jail with a $500,000 bail.

Public Information Officer Raul Reyna added:

“He was booked in by the Dallas County sheriff’s office, by one of our deputies.”

The incident took place on Oct. 25. Police responded to reports of gunfire shortly after 2:30 in the afternoon. Upon arrival, they were told Walker was rushed to a hospital. He unfortunately died two hours later.

Based on an affidavit from Detective John Valdaz, Lil Loaded, Khalia Walker, and Cameron Walker, who is a witness in the case, were outisde of Khalia’s home when shots were fired. The deceased’s sister, Khija, witnessed her brother

“lying on the street with a gunshot to his torso.”

Lil Loaded and Cameron Walker were allegedly standing over his body as one of them told her to call police.

Khia reportedly,

“picked up [Lil Loaded’s] phone and saw a video taken on the phone showing the suspect shoot the complaintant.” 

The three of them then went to the hospital.

Dallas journalist Shawn Cotton of Say Cheese TV suggested Lil Loaded didn’t mean to allegedly shoot Khalia Walker, who reportedly went by Savage Boosie, pointing out they were “really good friends.” Cotton said the following account is “hearsay” and added:

“He was shooting a video and shots went off. It was an accident. It wasn’t like they got into an argument. Shots went off, [Walker] got shot, and he died, unfortunately.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson