Hitmaka Regrets Discussing Alleged Sexual Experience With Naturi Naughton During Interview, Says He Offered Noreaga Money Not To Publish Video

Hitmaka Apologizes To Naturi Naughton And Says That He Offered Nore Money Not To Post The Video: “I Don’t Want This Out, Please Edit It, I Will Pay Whatever”

Superproducer Hitmaka is apologizing for distasteful comments he made about an alleged sexual encounter 20-years-ago, with Power star Naturi Naughton.

In case you missed it, Hitmaka detailed the alleged experience with Naturi Naughton, stating that the two began engaging sexually and she allegedly forgot that she had an IUD inside of her, which is a form of birth control.  Hitmaka and the host Nore, laughed about the experience, that circulated online last week.

Now in a new interview with Angela Yee‘s Lip Service, Hitmaka says that he felt bad after the clip made it’s way online, and he offered money to make the clip disappear.

“Nah see um after I did it, I don’t know if y’all’s in tune or whatever like I went live with Fat Joe like I literally hit Nore like ‘Yo I don’t want this out I don’t want it to come out please edit it, I will pay for whatever with the interview, however it cost or whatever like i’ll take care of it.'”

Adding that Nore decided to post the clip anyway he says:

“Like I felt bad about the fact you know what I’m saying after the fact – but I mean you know that it is my truth, like you know what i’m saying but I didn’t want it to come out like that and I knew they was going to clip it up and make it like a thing like that and I asked them not to but they did it anyway.”

While the producer says that he tried to stop the clip form hitting the internet, he also adds that at the end of the day, the story is his “truth” but admits there was a different way he could have went about telling the story.

“At the same token like it is my truth you know what I’m saying? But I definitely feel like it could have been a little more tasteful than what it was but, it was drink champs you already know what they did you know what I’m saying?”
Hitmaka added that he told the story because it was 20-years-ago, but also agrees that by telling the story, he wasn’t taking into consideration where Naturi Naughton is in her life right now.
“This was 20 years ago though you know what I’m saying?  It’s not like a thing and like trust me I have more things that I could have said or talked about or experiences but that was just something that was so old.”
“But I didn’t take into consideration where her life could be right now and what she could have going on and that’s what my thing was with Nore.  Like ‘yo like let’s not put that out there’ and he told me he wasn’t gonna put it out and of course like a n*gga he went and chopped it up and then used all this as clips or whatever so it wasn’t nothing I could do about it you know.”
Hitmaka also adds that although Nore posted the video, and he asked him not to, they are still friends, and he places all the blame on himself, and nobody else.
“What is there to say Nore still my man, you know what I’m saying?  But like ultimately I’m responsible for the situation because it came out of my mouth you know what I’m saying?  So I just got to take that one on the chin. …. Y’all don’t see from me, so i mean I get my chance to f**k up once every like five years or something like that.”
Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo