Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Tips Waitress $100 For Every Minute She Served Him Past Closing, Totaling $1,300 

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Tips Waitress $100 For Every Minute She Served Him Past Closing, Totaling $1,300

Former NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, doesn’t mind dropping extra money for a good cause.

In a recent tweet, he said he was going to visit one of his favorite Cuban spots to eat dinner in Miami, Havana’s Cuban Cuisine restaurant.  He knew the restaurant would be staying open late for him so he promised to tip $100 for every minute he stayed extra at the restaurant, and he did just that!

He tweeted,

“Headed to my Cuban spot for dinner, I’m being somewhat of an inconvenience for the kitchen & staff being that they close at 10pm but i will be sure to bless l my server $100 for every minute after 10pm for the trouble.”

After he left he showed a copy of his receipt that proved he in fact stayed 13 minutes past 10 pm, and paid the server $1,300 for very extra minute, keeping his promise.

He shared the heartfelt gesture on Twitter alongside the caption,

“Proverbs 11:25”

This isn’t the first time Chad Johnson has blessed a server at the local Miami restaurant. In May, after making a $37.40 purchase with Havana’s Cuban Cuisine restaurant, Chad Johnson tipped his waitress $1,000. Underneath his signature, he wrote:

“Congratulations on re-opening, sorry about the pandemic…hope this helps. I Love You.” 

Havana’s Cuban Cuisine responded to Johnson’s generosity in a post on Facebook. The restaurant stated:

“We would like to thank Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson for his continued patronage. We greatly appreciate your generosity to our employees now during these most difficult times. Many blessings to you and your family. Thank you again!”


On June 23, Chad Johnson announced that he will give away $240,000 worth of stimulus checks the following month. He also questioned whether the $1,200 individuals received from the federal government in April was really enough.

“How the f**k are people suppose to stretch $1200 for 3 months?”

He then promised,

“I’m giving out stimulus checks July 1st if you have cash app since Trump want to keep playing games.”

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver kept his word. On July 1st, Johnson asked his followers to send their information so he can send them money at random.

“Good morning, i f**king love all of you f**kers & today is July 1st, drop ya cash app, zelle or PayPal, will be “randomly” choosing & blessing folks throughout the day until 5 & that’s on Jesus sandals”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo