Offset Reflects On Losing An Uncle To COVID-19: I Never Thought My Generation Would Go Through This Type Of Time

Offset Reflects On Losing An Uncle To COVID-19: I Never Thought My Generation Would Go Through This Type Of Time

This past Monday, December 14th, the Migos group member celebrated his 29th birthday. During a recent interview, Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, shared what it was like for him to bring in a birthday amid the coronavirus pandemic. He said, 

“Dealing with this year, it took a little bit of the soul out of the birthday. But it is a blessing to be here. People have lost their lives to something that hasn’t been fixed.”

In addition to that, Offset spoke on losing a family member to COVID this year. 

“I lost a great-uncle to COVID. I never thought in my generation, we would go through this type of time.” 


Offset also revealed that he’s ready to tackle other fields within the entertainment industry. He will be making his film debut in the upcoming drama-comedic film American Sole, which stars O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Pete Davidson. When speaking on his new role, where he plays a computer engineer, he said, 

“When you’re a rapper, a lot of times people just think you have to be the gangsta in the film or some mob boss. I’m not saying I wouldn’t play that role, but this is my debut in film, so I wanted to challenge myself.”

He continued,

“The first time I got into acting was on NCIS, as a seasoned agent. Not the stereotype of what artists usually do. And I shocked the world.”

The ‘Clout’ rapper also seems to be interested in more than just the entertainment industry. During his interview, he took the time to stress how important politics and voting are to him.”  

“Being able to vote opened my eyes up to letting the world know that we should do this. We should participate in it because it actually changes things. Ain’t nobody telling you you should vote for the senators because they make the decisions, while the president is really the face of the country— being educated on voting and who really makes the big-dog decisions, nobody [taught] that in [our] school.”

He added,

“When somebody tells you you can’t vote because you’ve made a mistake in your life, it takes the encouragement from people. You feel like you don’t matter, and that’s what a lot of our youth say. Now that I can, I’m gonna go all the way with it because I was told I couldn’t.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel