Nene Leakes Claims ‘RHOA’ Demoted Her ‘I Was Getting Less & Less Episodes’, Says Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Was Also Treated Unfairly

Nene Leakes Claims ‘RHOA’ Demoted Her ‘I Was Getting Less & Less Episodes’, Says Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Was Also Treated Unfairly

Just hours after she called for a boycott of Bravo, former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes is speaking out on her final days with the network.

She spoke out on being “demoted” during an Instagram live session with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump Monday (Dec. 21st):

“It’s not so much about me having my own show…When you work at any company you want elevation. It’s about leveling up. Whether I’m an actress or an executive, everybody wants to level up on their opportunity or their job… as an original Housewife, a lot of these girls were being elevated, I was being demoted.”

She explained:

“I was given less and less episodes and these girls were given more and more episodes. I was given less. Original housewives across the board in different states, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, other places – they were given full seasons and I was given less episodes every season.”


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She went on to speak on Mariah Huq’s situation with Bravo. Mariah Huq created Married To Medicine and was reportedly not invited back for its upcoming eighth season. Nene Leakes said:

“She is the creator of that show. For so many people watching the show, I remember so many people saying ‘She gave away her rights.’ She never gave away her rights. That’s the way it’s been positioned over the years. So many people watching, you could ask anybody, you even could hear some of her cast mates saying ‘She gave away her rights, she signed away her rights’, and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“She never gave up her rights. She’s the creator and the owner of the show. She was never given credit for it, or paid for it. It was taken from her.”

Mariah Huq also saluted Nene Leakes for the IG live.

Nene Leakes confirmed Mariah Huq was penalized for asking for her share and added that it’s proof more diversity and inclusion are needed more at Bravo.

“You need to respect your African-American talent. We’re human, we have feelings, we want to be elevated, we want to be treated fairly, of course. It’s difficult. You want support from the viewers, you want support from your fans, it’s hard to speak out. You want support from your culture and it’s hard. It’s just hard. One of the most difficult things, it really is…”

She went to say she was urged not to speak out:

“I want to able to say more. Before I got on this live with you, I received so many text messages from so many peole with so many opions. I was so confused before I got on here, because so many people are crazy. They don’t want you to say anything. You get tons of opinions saying ‘Don’t do it, go ahead, forget about it, go away, don’t say anything.. just wait, something else will come.’ You work so hard and you open doors for othe rpeople and it’s unfair treatment. It’s not right.”

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