Jay-Z’s Nephew Suspended From Basketball Team For Sexual Assault 

Jay-Z, Nahziah “Naz” Carter

Jay-Z’s Nephew Suspended From The University of Washington’s Basketball Team For Sexual Assault

Jay-Z’s nephew was temporarily released from his college men’s basketball team for sexual assault. According to reports, Nahziah “Naz” Carter was suspended from The University of Washington men’s basketball after an investigation upheld two allegations of sexual assault. Two different students at UW reported Nahziah Carter to the university’s Title IX office this year under claims that the student-athlete sexually assaulted them. The purpose of a school’s Title IX office is to investigate any reports of sex or gender discrimination, which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, and any other form of sexual misconduct. 

Following Nahziah Carter’s unsuccessful appeal UW announced that he’d be suspended for three quarters. In addition to that, a permanent no-contact order with the complainants was issued. However, the 6-foot-6 senior guard shared via Twitter that he’s made the decision to leave the University and pursue a professional career.

He Tweeted, 

“After much prayer and conversation with my family. I have decided to leave the University of Washington and pursue my professional career. Coach Hopkins and the University of Washington has brought out the best in me. For that I will forever be thankful. Forever a Husky!”

Nahziah “Naz” Carter

The first investigation against Nahziah Carter was launched in January of this year and the second investigation began on March 17, when another student filed a complaint against Carter. The allegations and investigation against Jay-Z’s nephew were publicized after one of the complainants shared their story on Twitter. They Twitted,

“We as the victims, feel that the University has failed to act in a way that protects and supports us. They also failed to notify the public of his behavior, neglecting to protect future victims and victims who never had a chance to seek justice.”

Nahziah Carter was expected to join the Australian developmental league Melbourne United and play the 2020-21 season in the NBL’s Next Star program. However, according to ESPN, that deal was rescinded once the investigation against him became public.

Nahziah “Naz” Carter

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel