Zendaya Says She Questioned Her ‘Value’ & ‘Purpose’ After She Stopped Working Due To COVID-19

Zendaya Says She Questioned Her ‘Value’ & ‘Purpose’ After She Stopped Working Due To COVID-19

Zendaya is opening up about how Hollywood’s shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic impacted her .

She covers the February issue of GQ and revealed in the interview that her not working made her question lots of things about herself.

“I feel most like myself when I’m working. I felt like, when I wasn’t working, my powers had gone away, and I was like, ‘Who the f**k [am I?]’ I didn’t really know who I was and what makes me happy. ‘What do I like to do? What else do I do? What is my value? What is my purpose now?'”

She continued:

“It was my first time just being like, ‘OK, who am I without this?’ Which is a very scary thing to confront and work through, because I don’t really know Zendaya outside of the Zendaya who works. I didn’t realize how much my job and my art were a part of my identity as a human.”

She also opened up about being perceived as “cold” because she was shy.

“In this industry, I had to learn how to do small talk and stuff, because I guess I would kind of come off cold to people because I didn’t really know how to start conversation. I remember my stylist was like, ‘You come off kind of cold. People think you’re mean because you don’t talk,’ when really I just was too nervous.”

It’s safe to say she figured out a way to still fulfill her passion during the industry shutdown. She filmed a movie, Malcolm and Marie, in 15 days with John David Washington during the earlier days of quarantine.

The film, which will be released on Feb. 5, sold to Netflix in a $30 million deal. 

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Authored by: Char Patterson