Kodak Black Released From Prison

Kodak Black

Kodak Black Released From Prison

Update #3 (Jan. 21st): Kodak Black is now a free man! According to reports, he was officially released from prison Wednesday, Jan. 20th.

He has not spoken out on social media since being released.

Update #2 (Jan. 21st): Rapper Kodak Black has publicly thanked now-former President Donald Trump for pardoning him on his last day in office, but the rapper isn’t in the clear when it comes to his legal troubles.

Kodak Black took to Twitter to show his gratitude Wednesday, Jan. 20th, and wrote:

I Want To Thank The President @RealDonaldTrumpFor His Commitment To Justice Reform And Shortening My Sentence.”

He was initially sentenced to more than three years for falsifying information when trying to purchase firearms from a federally licensed dealer. He pleaded guilty in August 2019, and was sentenced the following November.

Kodak Black continued in his tweet:

“I Also Want To Thank Everyone For Their Support And Love. It Means More Than You Will Ever Know. I Want To Continue Giving Back, Learning And Growing. @DanScavino

While he’s getting out of jail early for the gun charges, he’s still being charged for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony, in South Carolina. He is accused of sexual battery in a hotel room against a woman, whose name and age have not been disclosed.

Prosecutors reportedly plan on “aggressively” pushing for the charges until he enters a plea deal or goes to trial.

The case, which dates back to 2016, was put on pause as jury trials are on hiatus because of COVID-19, the 12th Circuit Solicitor in Florence County, Ed Clements, told TMZ. Kodak Black doesn’t have a court date yet.

His lawyer for the case, Beattie Ashmore, said:

“Aggressively prosecute? It’s been four years. That speaks volumes. Kodak was on bond and on tour for two years before his federal case even began. Ed’s a very fine and experienced prosecutor and I look forward to once again speaking with him about this case. It’s been awhile.”

Kodak could get 30 years behind bars if he’s convicted.

Original Story (Jan. 19th): Details about who President Donald Trump is expected to grant clemency continue to be released, amidst his final hours in office.

According to reports, Trump pardoned rappers Lil Wayne (real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) and Kodak Black (real name Bill Kahan Kapri). Both men were prosecuted for federal weapons offenses.

Lil Wayne, 38, pleaded guilty in federal court in December to illegally possessing a firearm and faced up to 10 years in prison.

He has expressed support for Donald Trump’s criminal justice reform efforts and made headlines when he posed with him earlier this year.

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty in December for illegally possessing a loaded handgun when going to Florida on a private plane in 2019.

Kodak Black

Kodak Black, 23, is in federal prison for making a false statement in order to buy a firearm. He confessed to lying on his background check forms when buying several firearms. Police discovered two of the guns at a crime scene. One of the weapons had Kodak Black’s fingerprints on it and a live round in the chamber, which was allegedly used to shoot at a rapper he had been feuding with.

Last year, Kodak Black publicly pleaded with Trump, asking to have a meeting with him.

Trump also pardoned former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was serving a 28-year prison term on corruption charges. The White House said in a statement:

“Mr. Kilpatrick has served approximately 7 years in prison for his role in a racketeering and bribery scheme while he held public office. During his incarceration, Mr. Kilpatrick has taught public speaking classes and has led Bible Study groups with his fellow inmates.”

Kwame Kilpatrick Mugshot


Desiree Perez, who was named CEO of Roc Nation in 2019, also received a pardon from Donald Trump.

She was arrested in 1994 for possession of drugs, and again in 1998 for grand larceny and possession of a firearm. A statement from the White House reads:

“Ms. Perez was involved in a conspiracy to distribute narcotics. Since her conviction, Ms. Perez has taken full accountability for her actions and has turned her life around. She has been gainfully employed and has been an advocate for criminal justice reform in her community.”

Do you agree with Trump’s decision to pardon Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, Desiree Perez, and Kwame Kilpatrick? Let us know in the comments.

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