The Game Addresses Chatter Around His Absence From Kendrick Lamar’s Concert: ‘My Loyalty Is w/ Motherf****** That’s Loyal To Me’


The Game, Kendrick Lamar

The Game Addresses Chatter Around His Absence From Kendrick Lamar’s Concert: ‘My Loyalty Is w/ Motherf****** That’s Loyal To Me’

Update (June 21, 2024): Though Kendrick Lamar’s concert on Juneteenth was easily a standout moment for the West Coast culture, one notably missing was The Game. 

After fellow LA rappers and figures like YG and Dr. Dre showed support for Kendrick Lamar by rocking with him on stage as he rapped “Not Like Us,” his most infamous diss track against Drake, many fans questioned where The Game was.

He has now addressed his absence in a lengthy Instagram video posted yesterday (Thursday, June 20). And although he didn’t explicitly say where he was, he showed love for what Kendrick Lamar was able to accomplish.

“I ain’t have to be there to think that the sh*t was motherf*ck*ng cool. That n***a learned that sh*t on the way up.”

He went on to say that Snoop Dogg mentored him, and he in turn served as a mentor for Kendrick Lamar at one point.

Still, many fans speculated that he took Drake’s side in their viral feud, posting Drake’s 2015 single “Energy” while Drake and Lamar were going at it hit for hit. He also released his own diss track against Rick Ross, who was also feuding with Drake. 

The Game said in his post,

“As far as my relationship with Drake, n***a? N***a, Drake is my brother, n***a. … And my loyalty is with motherf*ck*rs that’s loyal to me.”

See his full video below.

Original Story (June 20, 2024): Rapper The Game might be dealing with the biggest case of FOMO known to men.

For Juneteenth (June 19) Kendrick Lamar gave a legendary performance at his one-time concert titled The Pop Out — Ken and Friends. The event took place at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California. Several rappers — from L.A. and other California areas — took the stage before Kendrick Lamar and paid homage to their Westcoast heritage by performing their hits in front of a fully packed arena. Some artists, including Compton native Dr. Dre, even joined K-Dot during his energetic set.


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The lineup for the night also included Westside Boogie, DJ Mustard, Steve Lacy, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Roddy Ricch, and many many more! However, following the concert, which was live-streamed on Prime Video, many pointed out that The Game was missing in action. The Compton rapper is known for proudly repping where he’s from, making Kendrick Lamar’s event the perfect place for him to showcase his love for his city. However, that more than likely didn’t happen due to the side he took during the Kendrick vs Drake battle.

Drake, Kendrick Lamar

As you may already know, The Game stood ten toes down beside Drake amid the height of the feud. While it’s unclear if Game’s loyalty to his Canadian friend had anything to do with his absence, the internet definitely believes it does. One person on X wrote,

“The Game being left out of these major west coast moments should be a lesson for a lot of folks about the energy they put in the world, man”

Another said,

“The Game jumped out the window to defend Drake and now he’s at home watching the show with the rest of us.”

See more reactions below:

The Game has not reacted to the concert or the rumors about why he didn’t attend. Drake’s other good friend LeBron James, however, was spotted in attendance amongst the crowd.


What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you think The Game is sad he missed out? Tell us in the comments below! 

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel