R. Kelly’s Associate Pleads Guilty To Trying To Pay Off A Witness, Offered Her $500,000

R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s Associate Pleads Guilty To Trying To Pay Off A Witness, Offered Her $500,000

As R. Kelly continues to face sex crime charges, one of his friends has pleaded guilty to trying to bribe a witness.

Richard Arline Jr., 31, said during a hearing in Brooklyn federal court, according to Page Six, 

“Me and another person offered Jane Doe money for her to not go forward with her complaint or testimony against Robert Kelly. I knew what I did was wrong.”

A co-conspirator, whose identity hasn’t been made public, text an accuser in R. Kelly’s racketeering and sex trafficking case in Brooklyn:

“Rob is trying to get his cousin rich in contact with you because he wants to pay you for silence.”

Arline then vowed via phone to give the woman $500,000. He said R. Kelly greenlighted the payment. He wasn’t aware that federal agents were listening to the conversation.

He could get up to 15 years once he’s sentenced.

It was previously reported that Arline, R. Kelly’s former manager Donnell Russell, and Michael Wilson allegedly harassed, intimated, or illegally tried to influence other accusers ahead of the trial for the Brooklyn charges.

Russell was said to be in plea negotiations in November. He was indicted on one count of interstate stalking after he was accused of allegedly contacting an anonymous victim in R. Kelly‘s case.  It is reported that Russell reached out to the victim “with the intent to harass and intimidate” her and her family.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge, but he was also charged with a criminal complaint recently in New York.  In that case, he is accused of threatening physical harm and conspiracy to threaten physical harm after he allegedly placed a phone call to a theater in Manhattan that was hosting a screening of “Surviving R. Kelly,” on December 4, 2018.

R. Kelly is also charged with producing child pornography and destroying evidence in Chicago.

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