Women Supporting Women: Jordyn Woods & Chloe Bailey Talk Body Confidence

Jordyn Woods, Chloe Bailey

Women Supporting Women: Jordyn Woods & Chloe Bailey Talk Body Confidence

Jordyn Woods and Chloe Bailey are representing girl power.

Just after the Chloe X Halle singer got emotional about the criticism she’s received for posting sultry videos, she and Jordyn Woods celebrated their beauty together on Instagram.

Chloe Bailey referenced a quote that says you can light someone else’s candle without dimming your own as she told Jordyn Woods,

“I just think you’re the baddest. I think you’re so beautiful. I always love when like even you post your affirmations on your stories. It just makes me feel so positive and happy. Girl, you’re killing it.”

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods responded,

“Also being a curvy girl and owning your body… I can enjoy my body and post what I want and it doesn’t matter. But [people] feel like you’re extra and doing more just because you’re a naturally curvy person.”

Chloe Bailey continued,

“Every time I see your curves you make me want to embrace mine even more. Growing up, I used to be like ‘Why do I have extra fat down here?'”


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She recalled first noticing stretch marks while on a field trip when she was 12, but later had to learn how to love her curves.

“I think seeing women like you, it inspires even me to step more into my confidence. I’m just happy that black women in today’s age are so fearless, and we’re not really letting stuff stop us.”

Jordyn added,

“Growing up I had to learn how to be confident. I gained my confidence from realizing my individuality is my greatest gift. God gave me this body for a reason. So I choose to own it. If I can change it, let’s work on it. If I can’t, that’s it.”

Chloe Bailey

Chloe then saluted Jordyn for staying in the gym and asked how she does it. Jordyn told her,

“Your lifestyle should be longevity. I don’t believe in crash diets… If I wanna have dessert or I wanna eat fried chicken I’m gonna do it.”

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