Mario Hints At Being In A Relationship, Says He’s The King Of R&B: Nobody’s F*ckin’ With Me!


Mario Hints At Being In A Relationship, Says He’s The King Of R&B: Nobody’s F*ckin’ With Me!

Who’s ready for R&B singer Mario to take over the charts again? Fans are crying out for a new release after he was a favorite on last year’s Millennium Tour line-up. According to his latest interview with Chicago’s WGCI, Mario is ready to claim his throne as the King of R&B. He gave his thoughts on that debate:

“It’s just ridiculous. It’s gonna be kind of hard for me to say anything, ’cause people gon’ be like, ‘You ain’t puttin’ music out!’ But it’s like, if we’re talking about just straight, pure skill. We’re not talking about relevance, we’re not talking about who puts out a hundred songs a year. We’re talking about if you give me a mic, you get a mic- there’s nobody f*ckin’ with me. I promise you. I put that on my grave.”

He continued:

“Go listen to my albums…when you hear this new music, I think it’s gonna show you there’s nothing that I can’t do as a writer, as a performer. I’m a quadruple threat. I sing and act at the same d*mn time. I dance. I ain’t gon’ say I’m the best dancer in the game, but I got my own swag…I know who I am as an artist.”

Mario also admits that he has a Quarantine Bae, but he’s not quite ready to tie the knot. He said:

“Yeah. For sure. She’s taking a nap right now…I’m not ready for [marriage].”

The singer’s latest love interest doesn’t seem to be much of a secret. In the comment section of an Instagram post of one of his performances, singer/songwriter Kris Stephens – known for her feature on “Memories Back Then” by T.I., B.O.B., and Kendrick Lamar – wrote:

“Elemental Fire, you are.”

Mario replied:

“My fire is nothing without your air @krisstephens”

He returns the favor by marking his territory with heart emojis on her photos. How romantic!

Lastly, Mario teased new music that will be reminiscent of his first releases:

“The EP is called ‘Close to Mars’…I got a song called ‘Mars’ which is like a mature version of what ‘Braid My Hair’ was on my first album, just in terms of the writing and the singing and the falsetto adn really showing my range as an artist…when you listen to my music, I want girls to feel like it’s a dude they can date.”

Watch Mario’s WGCI interview below.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay