EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOA’ Newbie Falynn Guobadia Talks Fallout W/ LaToya Ali, Says LaToya Called Her A Racial Slur + Reveals She’s Closest W/ Kenya Moore & Kandi Burruss, Denies Rumors She & Her Husband Are Splitting

EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOA’ Newbie Falynn Guobadia Talks Fallout W/ LaToya Ali, Says LaToya Called Her A Racial Slur + Reveals She’s Closest W/ Kenya Moore & Kandi Burruss, Denies Rumors She & Her Husband Are Splitting

The Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Falynn Guobadia is setting the record straight in an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND. She spoke on her drama with LaToya Ali, the cast members she’s closest to off-camera, and whether rumors of her and her husband splitting up are true.

When it comes to her relationship with LaToya Ali, she explained how things went left and referenced their first meeting when LaToya Ali spoke on Falynn Guobadia’s marriage to Atlanta businessman, Simon Guobadia, 56. In that scene, LaToya said Falynn Guobadia, 31, “looks like” someone who dates older men. Falynn told us,

“From what you all saw, mostly, that is exactly how it happened. From the very first moment I was introduced to everyone, I met everybody at Porsha [Williams’] Black Lives Matter event. I sat down and that’s what she threw at me… We had a couple of incidents in between but then fast forward to my Halloween party, that was exactly what you guys saw.”

Things nearly got physical at Falynn’s Halloween party when LaToya spoke about her marriage and husband again.

Falynn continued and said that LaToya Ali also allegedly called her a racial slur.

The only thing you did not see, she called me Ching Chong on multiple occasions. I think someone told me that she went on Live recently stating that it wasn’t true. Everyone heard it. All the cast members. Everyone was there. She did actually call me Ching Chong, and that’s what made me react in the way that I did… You’re not gonna talk to me like that. All of my children are Asian as well. You’re not gonna talk to me like that in my home. You’re already disrespectful, I let it slide a few times. I don’t know any woman who would’ve been put in my position who would’ve let that [go]. It’s all very real.”

She added,

“I don’t choose violence. But you’re gonna sit here and think you can punk me either. That’s what’s not gonna happen.”

As for who she gets along with the most, she said it’s actually Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss.

“I’m closest right now with Kenya. Behind that, I’m closest with Kandi.”

She defended Kenya Moore and said,

“There’s a lot of Kenya that most people don’t get to see. At the end of the day, boss women are gonna smell other boss women. You’re never gonna see me hanging out with someone like LaToya, that’s for sure… Ultimately, anyone can say whatever is that they want about Kenya or Kandi, it’s something that I prefer to have in my circle for now. They haven’t scratched me wrong. I don’t judge people based off of what other people perceive of them. It’s in the eyes of the beholder. As of right now, they’re the people who have my back, so yeah I’m gonna rock with them.”

She said Kenya Moore is “absolutely, 100 percent” misunderstood.

“A lot of things are edited out. There’s a lot a part of me that you guys didn’t get to see because it was all edited out. A lot of people say ‘We only saw five minutes of her.’ I actually said – and I was actually in a lot of scenes. It was a lot that you guys didn’t get to see. It’s unfortunate but they had to squeeze in as much as they could during the pandemic, given our circumstances, but I understand. Hopefully one day you guys will get to see the part of Kenya that I get to see.”

As for the side of Falynn that fans didn’t see, she said,

“I’m a Taurus, so I’m really, I’m very bullheaded…”

She also said she and Kandi Burruss have a lot in common.

“Kandi and I are a lot alike. We sit back and just, we like to watch, you know? And just scope everything out. We’ll give our two cents when needed.”

While viewers didn’t see much of Falynn this season, she said she’s open to showing more of her life and would accept a peach as a full-time cast member if asked.

“I haven’t been approached yet. If I were, I would definitely sign on.”

She said she gets along with all of the ladies, with the exception of LaToya Ali.


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She also addressed speculation that she and her husband are no longer together.

LaToya Ali suggested the two were splitting up during a Twitter spat. She wrote,

“Hubby kicked her out the empire and can’t afford a flight. Meet me at the Reunion #RHOA”

Falynn told us,

“That rumor came from a miserable person. Anyway, I’ll entertain it only because it’s a valid question. No, Simon and I, we got through our marital issues just like everyone else. Everybody has their own s***. Whether we unfollow and we follow back… delete our stuff, whatever the case is, just let us go through our stuff. We’re just like everyone else. We’re in each other’s faces… and then we’re back. We do it too.”

Despite the rumors about her personal life, Falynn said she’s all for going full throttle as a cast member, adding,

“I have to set boundaries because it can become consuming. I don’t want it to get to that point. If it was ever starting to consume my energy and starting to take over my mental space and my peace, then I would walk away. As of right now, it’s pretty easy, so it’s not an issue. But… I don’t know if I’m necessarily ready. You can’t really be ready for something that you’re still kind of new to. I came on in the middle of filming. I wasn’t there in the beginning. I came on in the middle, to the very end of it. So I’m still kind of new to it all. But I have created relationships outside of the show…I would be willing to do it. I would just go into with a very open mind and just, take the bull by the horns.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson