Floyd Mayweather Spent $80K On Birkin Bags In 10 Minutes, Source Says

Floyd Mayweather Spent $80K On Birkin Bags In 10 Minutes, Source Says

Floyd Mayweather reportedly dropped $80,000 on Birkin Bags in just a few minutes.

The pro boxer went to Miami’s Privé Porter Sunday (April 11th) and reportedly spent $80,000 on four Hermés Birkin Bags, according to Page Six. 

A source said Tuesday (April 13th),

“He didn’t say who the bags are for, but it was implied [they were] for his ever-growing collection.”

Floyd Mayweather’s assistant reportedly called him and told him to come to the store ASAP. The insider added,

“He then arrived within 25 minutes and spent $80,000 in 10 minutes on four bags.”

As for which bags he splurged on, he reportedly got three 35-centimeter bags (one in yellow and two in different shades of green), and a black 30-centimeter bag.

Interestingly enough, he was also seen with a “very attractive” mystery woman at dinner in Joia Beach in Miami recently.

Floyd Mayweather was last connected to Anna Monroe. 

Floyd Mayweather, Anna Monroe

The two were rumored to be engaged, but he quickly shut down speculation in January, writing on Instagram:

“I’m not engaged and have never been engaged or married, those are just rumors and lies.”

An insider previously claimed to The Sun, 

Floyd was annoyed at first that news of their relationship broke because he wanted to keep it private. They had an argument about it but soon made up. He decided to pop the question on Saturday, Anna has told family and friends she’s getting married and wants to have a baby with Floyd this year.”

They continued,

“[Anna Monroe]’s family and friends have had their concerns about the relationship but she’s an adult, it’s her decision and they want her to be happy.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson