Joe Budden Podcast Hosts Rory & Mal Return, Say They Left After Feeling ‘Like There Wasn’t Any Respect’

Rory, Joe Budden, Mal

Joe Budden Podcast Hosts Rory & Mal Return, Say They Left After Feeling ‘Like There Wasn’t Any Respect’

The late poet, Maya Angelou, popularized insight on change,

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

That may be the case for Rory Farrell and JamilMal” Clay, who are trending on Twitter after their return to The Joe Budden podcast. The co-hosts left for reasons only known to them, but it sparked rumors that the longtime friends were feuding behind closed doors.

Joe Budden even suggested that he and Rory Farrell were in therapy during the hiatus. He said on Instagram Live last month,

“I don’t think I’m supposed to divulge our therapy plans publicly, but we are going to therapy. I am a therapy baby, man… Some of y’all know this. I know some of y’all only get your perception of me from the internet, but I’m a therapy baby. When something is wrong, we’re calling the therapist. Let’s get to the bottom of it.”

However, Rory and Mal joined Joe Budden after a few weeks of absence for an episode called “Shaking The Tree.”


The trio addressed the drama.

Rory explained,

“Me, Mal, and Joe met last week. There was a lot of grown man feelings, it was a little uncomfortable. It was a lot of feelings for three grown-a** men in a living room.”

Mal added,

“When we had a conversation at Joe’s house, it was like, the business is the business. We can fix that, or we can’t. But as long as respect is still in play, me personally, I feel like anything can be solved…That was part of the conversation Joe and I had when I left. I felt like there wasn’t any respect. So let me remove myself, cause I don’t know what this is anymore. I don’t know if I’m talking to my n***a or a n***a I just met. The more important thing as men is to sit down and get your feelings out.” 

Joe Budden also said,

“We didn’t behave [as friends].”

The reunion propelled them to trending status on Twitter. Check out some of the responses:


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Authored by: Èmil Flemmon