EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey Addresses Internet Trolls: If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Follow Me + Shoots Down Critics Who Say Nene Leakes Is Irrelevant, Says She Doesn’t Want ‘RHOA’ To Just Be About Drama

EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey Addresses Internet Trolls: If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Follow Me + Shoots Down Critics Who Say Nene Leakes Is Irrelevant, Says She Doesn’t Want ‘RHOA’ To Just Be About Drama

Cynthia Bailey is an age-defying reality star and model that has graced our screens for 11 seasons on RHOA. With her bright smile, high cheekbones, and ever-present positive spirit, Cynthia Bailey is one of the franchise favorites. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, she opened up about an “end game”, whether she would do a spinoff, supporting her daughter Noelle Robinson’s decision to leave college, and her rocky friendship with Nene Leakes.

The interview began with a warm congratulations to Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey on their recent nuptials [October 10, 2020]. Controversy around the couple hosting a large wedding during a global pandemic has not dampened the honeymoon phase between them. With all smiles, Cynthia Bailey had this to say when asked how she and Mike Hill are doing:

“We’re good, we’re good. The world has changed a lot since we have been together and since we got married, but things are good.”

As for her role on RHOA, when asked about whether she had an end game in mind when she initially joined the show in its third season, Cynthia replied:

“We all know the RHOA platform is amazing. I’ve done a pretty good job at using it to promote all my different businesses I have going on, my most recent The Bailey Wine Cellar. For me, I’m still enjoying it right now. All good things must come to an end at some point. When it’s time to go, I will happily go.”

If Cynthia ever decides to move on from RHOA, she isn’t opposed to the idea of having a spinoff to highlight her personal and professional life. She said of the idea:

“I’m never going to say never. It honestly feels good to break from the show and not have cameras in your face for six months.”

Although she admits the filming schedule can be time-consuming and hectic, she doesn’t deny the perks that come along with being affiliated with the popular show. Cynthia confirmed in the interview that she recently finished filming a spinoff special with Kenya Moore and other fellow Bravo all-stars. theJasmineBRAND broke the news of the spinoff earlier this year. 

Cynthia’s success as a model, TV star, and serial entrepreneur can be attributed to her tenacity. Her ambition and work ethic are by far, two of her greatest assets. A humble upbringing and desire to always be in a position to take care of herself is why striving for success has been so important to her.

“I grew up, I wouldn’t say poor poor, but we definitely were lower middle class at best. I always wanted to be in a position to be financially independent.” 

In speaking about the importance of financial independence and hard work, she went on to say:

“I don’t want to be on the show just to be about drama, like, I wanna be an inspiration for other women that want to start businesses. I’ve started a business every year I’ve been on the show, with the exception of the COVID year. I’ve always wanted to try to be that example for women.”

During our conversation, Cynthia gave us an update on how things are going for Noelle Robinson. Fans have watched her grow up on the show, and move away to attend college at Howard University.

Leon Robinson, Noelle Robinson, Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia informed fans that Noelle Robinson was unhappy in college, and wanted to pursue her dreams as an actor and influencer.  Cynthia recalled,

“I would go visit her at college, and she was not happy. This wasn’t my child. I told her, you can’t live your life for me. Your life and your journey is yours. I’m incredibly proud of Noelle. She’s finding her way and her identity. She just turned 21 years old.  She wanted her own identity and she’s finding her and doing her.”

Both Cynthia and Noelle’s dad, actor Leon Robinson, encouraged and supported Noelle’s desire to pursue her passions. She now resides in the sunny city of Los Angeles and is doing very well in her endeavors.

With the many successful business ventures Cynthia has going on, she continues to stay booked and busy with another TV opportunity. She revealed she’ll be featured on the BET show Games People Play.

In the spirit of authenticity, Cynthia revealed three adjectives to describe the essence of who she is:

“Classy, driven, spiritual- I’m always praying, I don’t thrive in negative energy. I choose to give love.”

While Cynthia exudes class, hard work, and good vibes on RHOA, she confessed that she’s affected by the negative comments viewers make about her. Although they may be few and far between, she said:

“Nobody likes hate. You can’t imagine some of the things we hear and some of the things people say about us, and it’s hard to deal with all of that. I’m an energy person, if you don’t like me don’t follow me.”

Cynthia also addressed her relationship with Nene Leakes. Over the course of the last several seasons of RHOA, Cynthia and Nene Leakes have had an on-again-off-again friendship. They seemed to have a heart-to-heart in season 12, just before Nene Leakes left the show.

Cynthia had this to say about where they are now:

“I feel like we left off in a cordial place and a respectful place, and I’m fine with that. I’m not trying to force any friendships or relationships at this point. We had a good time, and for me, I will always have that love and respect for her.”

She also addressed Nene’s ‘relevancy’ after her departure.

“Friends or not friends, no matter what my relationship is with this woman, you cannot take away what Nene Leakes has done on this show. When you think RHOA, you think of Nene Leakes. I’m always going to give her her flowers and props.”

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Authored by: MiMi James