NBA’s Kyrie Irving Speaks Out After Almost Being Hit By Water Bottle Thrown By Celtics Fan: A Lot Of People Feel Entitled Out Here

NBA’s Kyrie Irving Speaks Out After Almost Being Hit By Water Bottle Thrown By Celtics Fan: A Lot Of People Feel Entitled Out Here

Kyrie Irving caught the ire of an angry NBA fan over the weekend.

Yesterday (Sunday, May 30th), a Boston Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving–narrowly missing his head. The incident appears to have gone down because the assailant was upset over the Brooklyn Nets’ 141-126 victory at Boston’s TD Gardens.

Immediately after the incident, security and Boston Police apprehended the alleged assailant. He is reportedly subject to a lifetime ban from all future TD Garden games, according to a statement given by the arena’s spokesperson.

The alleged water bottle thrower

Kyrie Irving also made his thoughts on the matter known. During a post-game interview, he stated:

“You’re seeing a lot of old ways come up. It’s been that way in history in terms of entertainment, performers, and sports for a long period of time and just underlying racism and just treating people like they’re in a human zoo. Throwing stuff at people, saying things. There is a certain point where it gets to be too much.”

He continued:

“You can see that people just feel very entitled out here. They paid for their tickets — great, I’m grateful that they’re coming in to watch a great performance. But we’re not at the theater. We’re not throwing tomatoes and other random stuff at the people that are performing.”

Additionally, fellow Nets teammate Kevin Durant expressed similar sentiments after the incident, saying:

“We’re not animals, we’re not in a circus. You coming to the game is not all about you as a fan. So have some respect for the game, have some respect for these human beings, and have some respect for yourself… Grow the f**k up and enjoy the game–it’s bigger than you.”

However, Brooklyn Nets players aren’t the only ones speaking out about the incident. Retired NBA star and sports analyst Charles Barkley provided commentary over a video of the assailant’s apprehension, stating:

“Look at that little punk a**. Just take him downstairs and let Kyrie handle that.”

This incident is the latest in a slew of assaults against NBA players during games. Last Wednesday (May 26th), a Philadelphia 76ers fan dumped popcorn on Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook–who was leaving the court with an ankle injury.


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Similar to Kyrie, Russell Westbrook offered his thoughts during a post-game interview, stating:

“To be honest, this s**t is getting out of hand, especially for me. The amount of disrespect, the amount of fans just doing whatever the f**k they want to do. It’s just out of pocket, man. Seriously.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley