Polo G Charged With Committing Battery On A Police Officer After His Album Release Party, Rapper Alleges Miami Cops Were Targeting Him

Polo G Charged With Committing Battery On A Police Officer After His Album Release Party, Rapper Alleges Miami Cops Were Targeting Him

Polo G recently celebrated his highly-anticipated album–but he’s also been hit with legal troubles.

On Friday night (June 11th), Polo G celebrated the launch of his star-studded album, Hall of Fame. However, while on his way to an afterparty, an officer with the Miami Police Department stopped the car that was transporting the rapper.

Details of the incident broke when Polo G‘s mother, Stacia Mac, took video while on the scene. In the short video, viewers can see a plethora of police cars line, and Stacia Mac claims:

“It’s ridiculous. So [the officers] won’t let me speak to my sons. Not only will they not let me speak to Polo [G], they won’t let me speak to my [16-year-old son]. And when we walked up they told us–in Miami–that we would be arrested if I asked what was going on with my minor son or any of my children.”

She continues:

“This is beyond ridiculous and this is beyond me. They were not driving–they have a driver. While leaving his album release party, the car is stopped. And when the car is stopped, they drag my children out of the car. They’re calling me on FaceTime. And can you imagine, as a mother, how powerless you feel when the people who are tasked with their safety are the very aggressors who would literally easily take my children’s life. It’s not gonna happen, not today.”

At this point, Stacia Mac urges fans to “flood” the Miami Police Department with calls and accused the officers of villainizing her children:

“I need you all to call the city of Miami, call the police department and flood them b****es. Because not today, not on my watch will they do anything to my children. No, they’re not suicidal. No, they weren’t on no drugs, no they not actin’ motherf***ing crazy. They’re not going to do anything to my children because we’re celebrating a success… [and] they turn around and f***ing villainize them because they’re Black. Because [of] their appearance, because they’re wealthy.”

Stacia Mac continued to speak out against the Miami Police Department the next day (Saturday, June 12th).

Later that same day, news broke of Polo G‘s five charges–which includes battery of a police officer. His mother responded to the news, stating:

“None of these charges would be possible if the POLICE did not make contact with my son POLO G!!! He was NOT the driver–he was a PASSENGER in a professionally licensed vehicle with security. He was moving smart and correctly. What more could he have done[?]”

Later that evening Stacia Mac bonded out those who were detained, and Polo G publicly spoke on the matter. The rapper first alleged via Twitter that an officer claimed they were trailing the rapper and his crew since the moment they arrived in the city.

He later called out the police department, tweeting:

“They playin foul in Miami & dat s**t been like that for a minute.”

There is not yet any word on when the rapper is due in court to face the charges levied against him. Additionally, the Miami Police Department announced they’d begin a review of the incident to ensure whether everything went according to procedure.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley