A1 Bentley Alleges Hitmaka Isn’t A Real Producer In Social Media Rant, Says They’ll Fight In Person If Hitmaka Responds

A1 Bentley Alleges Hitmaka Isn’t A Real Producer In Social Media Rant, Says They’ll Fight In Person If Hitmaka Responds

It looks like there’s some Instagram drama that’s brewing between producers A1 Bentley and Hitmaka!

Yesterday (Wednesday, June 16th), A1 Bentley–who also goes by the name SprngBrk now–took to his Instagram to issue a response to the shade Hitmaka threw at him. Apparently, Hitmaka was upset that A1 Bentley commented laughing emojis underneath a video on The Shade Room of Soulja Boy making negative claims about him. Hitmaka replied to A1‘s comment, writing:

“@sprngbrk u gotta catch about 10 more million to catch up it’s quiet outchea for you champ.”

This response is in spite of Hitmaka himself commenting similar laughing emojis underneath the same video.

In his reaction, A1 proceeded to claim that Hitmaka is not a genuine producer or writer, saying:

“Yo Hitmaka, I wasn’t even gonna say nothing, but I [saw] your comment under The Shade Room because I laughed at what Soulja Boy was saying to you. You gonna say ‘oh, I’m $10 million behind, to catch up.’ Bro, first of all, you don’t have $10 million. Second of all, you aren’t a real producer. Third of all, you’re not a real writer. I can keep going on–like bro, you don’t make the f***ing beats… you collab with [other producers], they make the beats, you put your tag on it. You do make the plays–I’ll give you that. You make the plays, you don’t make the beats. You don’t write the records.”

As he continued, A1 brought up claims Hitmaka made concerning him allegedly orchestrating his 2018 in-studio robbery for a Love & Hip Hop storyline:

“I’m tired of like chillin and keeping cool. Today was the day, when you commented back being a smart a**. I seen you on The Breakfast Club some months ago talking that s**t. When Charlamagne asked what happened with me and you, why we ain’t partners anymore, and you said I was doing some s**t for Love & Hip Hop [by] tryna stage a robbery. What the f**k Imma do that for? N***a you sound stupid as f**k.”

He continued:

“N***a you’re known for getting robbed, bro. You have been getting robbed your whole career and getting beat the f**k up, bro. Everybody know this s**t. And you have been running around telling [all these rappers] that I set you up and I’m the reason we got robbed. Bro, I don’t got beef with nobody. You’re the one who got us robbed, n***a. You did some f**k s**t in Miami… and n***as didn’t like it, so they was gonna have you robbed every f***ing time.”

After claiming that he had Hitmaka‘s back for years, A1 wraps up his response by telling Hitmaka to stop talking about him:

“It’s crazy how you can kinda try to talk s**t and say ‘Oh you $10 million behind’ but then you running around throwing dirt on my name. Like, why you doing that? You a hater, n***a. You don’t wanna see me shine, but Imma always shine, n***a. And money don’t make me happy, n***a–my son make me happy. My family make me happy, bro. You got one more time–matter of fact, you got no more times. N***a, if I see some f**k s**t–you mention my name in a bad way and I hear about it–n***a I’m beating you up, n***a. Straight up.”

He expressed similar sentiments in his Instagram caption, writing:

“PlayMaka not HitMaka . I’m Done Playin Kool wit N***as. When err chance a N***a get they try to throw dirt on my name wit Lies & see me and smile in my face. Ima speak on it & if he say something back I’m beating him up. Y’all heard it first [insert sunflower emoji]”

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Hitmaka has not responded to A1‘s video.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley