Anita Baker Recalls 2 Stalkers Following Her For 3 Days: I Was Ticketed, No One Is Immune To Police Abuse

Anita Baker

Anita Baker Recalls 2 Stalkers Following Her For 3 Days: I Was Ticketed, No One Is Immune To Police Abuse

Grammy-Award winning singer, Anita Baker is using her experience with a stalker to raise awareness about police abuse.  She has always taken to social media to detail her experiences, dating back to last year, when she posted photos of two men who allegedly followed her for 3 days to get an autograph.

Yesterday (June 15th) Anita Baker revisited the time two stalkers came to her house, but the police wouldn’t charge them.  After attempting to get a Concealed Weapons Permit for safety in return, she ended up getting a ticket instead.

“After following me All Summer (1) of my Stalkers came 2 my home. Suburban police took him away said they couldn’t charge him. I went 2 State police 2 bring charges & get A CWP. In retaliation 4 “Going Over their Head?” Local Police ticketed me so much? I simply quit driving.”

She then clarified that the incident happened a few years ago, but the experience is still very relevant to what is going on in America right now concerning police brutality and abuse.  She poses the question of, how are the police suppose to protect us, when they actually abuse us?

“This happened A few yrs ago. But, The query is the Same?… Who can You Call when those designated to Help you, actually Abuse you???”

During a time of unrest, where black people are fighting for equality within the justice system, Anita Baker adds that the system continues to fail “the same Demographic, over and over,” saying that the repetition is not an accident.
“Everyone has a Story, re: The System & how it Fails the Same Demographic, Over. & Over. Etc. etc. Ad nauseam. Repetition, isn’t An Accident…”
She continues and used a Ghostbusters reference for her next tweet.
“No one is immune. Things happen to us all… Question is. #WhoYaGonCall?”
There has been great debate about the Confederate memorials in Tennessee being a landmark of race and racism following the death of George Floyd, by the hands of Minneapolis police. Anita Baker then responded to a report that there was a new petition to replace the memorials with Dolly Parton statues.
“This is how A Global Human Rights Movement, gets Co-Opted. No disrespect to Ms. Dolly I Love Her”
She also hopped in the comments to correct a fan, about stalkers not having any repercussions for their actions.

“Not. True. You just have to have Proof: of them Stealing/Manipulating your mail, cell phone pics of that “Same Person”… Everywhere you go. I had proof. (1) was Arrested. Charged. Prosecuted. #GodIsAble”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo