R. Kelly’s Legal Team Continues To Internally Feud As They Request Singer’s Release, 2 Of His Attorneys Accused Of Withholding Mental Health Services

R. Kelly’s Legal Team Continues To Internally Feud As They Request The Singer’s Release From Custody, Attorneys Steve Greenberg & Michael Leonard Accused Of Withholding Paperwork And Mental Health Services By Other Lawyers

As R. Kelly‘s long-anticipated trial approaches, his lawyers have been embroiled in behind-the-scenes animosity.

Last month, two of R. Kelly‘s lawyers–Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonardfiled to withdraw from the case. It appears as though conflict with R. Kelly‘s other attorneys, Thomas Farinella and Nicole Blank Becker, led to the decision. Shortly after the petition to withdraw, Steve Greenberg tweeted:

“We refused to try a case with lawyers who don’t have the appropriate level of experience and skill because that is not in the client’s best interest. It is a shame that lawyers can’t suppress their own egos or self interest and do or act in the client’s best interest.”

However, a judge has not yet officially signed off on the paperwork to go through with Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard‘s request to withdraw, so they’re technically still part of the singer’s defense team. Despite this, Thomas Farinella and Nicole Blank Becker have largely taken over the case.

This past Thursday (July 1st), Thomas Farinella and Nicole Blank Becker filed a motion for R. Kelly‘s release from custody. However, in the motion, the lawyers made negative allegations regarding Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard‘s performance when they had control of R. Kelly‘s defense. In the filing, claims that Greenberg withheld paperwork from the singer were made, as well as an allegation of Leonard not allowing R. Kelly to seek help from a mental health professional.

In response, Steve Greenberg claimed Farinella and Becker‘s allegations weren’t true, telling the Chicago Tribune:

“Every single thing that Mr. Kelly ever asked for was hand-delivered to him at the [Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago], usually within hours.”

He continued:

“I don’t think the mudslinging [Farinella and Becker] have engaged in was at all necessary to make the point that he needs to be released so that he and his counsel can prepare for trial.”

Michael Leonard shared similar sentiments, calling the allegations completely bogus” and saying:

“It’s a complete misrepresentation.”

Greenberg and Leonard also claimed they were not informed of the motion until it was already filed. Additionally, they will reportedly file paperwork to set the record straight with the judge.

This latest drama between R. Kelly‘s attorneys comes about a month before he is set to go to federal trial. On August 9th, R. Kelly is due in federal court to face trial for charges of racketeering, child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, bribery, and forced labor.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley