Famous Chef Darius ‘Cooks’ Williams Addresses Claims He Had A Fraudulent Credit Repair Agency & Physically Assaulted An Employee: I Did Put My Hands On Her

Famous Chef Darius ‘Cooks’ Williams Addresses Claims He Had A Fraudulent Credit Repair Agency & Physically Assaulted An Employee: I Did Put My Hands On Her

Darius ‘Cooks’ Williams is facing lots of drama outside of the kitchen.

The popular chef has been accused of stealing, taking part in unlawful credit repair behavior, bullying Black women, and physically assaulting an employee. The allegations became so strong that it birthed the hashtag #DariusCrooks on social media.

Angela “The Kitchenista” Davis is just one of Darius Williams’ fellow celebrity chefs that have called him out online. She shared stories from a social media user who said Darius Williams took $500 from her account for a credit repair service and went MIA when she asked for a refund.

Another social media user wrote,

“He definitely scammed me and is still trying to charge me for a failed business of his. After taking the proper procedures to cancel the affiliation Carolina Pound Cakes is still trying to charge me monthly.@bbb_us please shut this man down!!”

The Kitchenista even made claims of her own and said Williams has bullied her and used her trademarked name for profit. He reportedly admitted that he did to be spiteful.

See more claims against him via The Kitchenista below.

On top of the allegations, Williams’ Soul Crab Atlanta, Soul Crab Chicago, and Greens and Gravy in Atlanta suddenly closed last year. He was also connected to an illegal credit repair company in Georgia where he was ordered to pay a settlement of $145, 750.

He told Black Enterprise, 

“I paid the 140, it’s over, everything is cool.”

Still, he seemingly defended the credit repair program and added,

“I think they’re pulling from that saying oh, he’s a scammer. But it’s like no, the people who were on the roster, their credit scores increased.”

He added,

“I am not a bully. I think what’s happening is, it’s the people who may not be familiar with my brand because some of the hate mail I’m getting… you know, stop abusing Black women, keep your hands off Black women…and I’m openly gay but I don’t come across as gay.”

“So, my speech, my mannerisms look to be that of a straight man. So if you’re not familiar with me, and you just see my content, you would automatically assume, Black man hitting (on) a Black woman. In reality, I’m openly gay. I talk about sex and a lot of stuff on my Instagram. I talk about dating. I talk about things women want to discuss. I’m like their best friend.”

He also addressed claims from a former employee, Kiara Ross, who alleged he physically assaulted her. See her claims below.

Williams said,

“I didn’t know her. My first time ever meeting her or seeing her in life was that particular Friday when I walked into the restaurant and when I walked in, she was very irate and she said, where’s my m*****f****** check.'”

He pointed out he had three restaurants, 110 staff members, and didn’t know of any problems with Ross before she confronted him. He said he later discovered she didn’t finish her onboarding process.

“I am not running the day-to-day of the restaurant. I’m doing more strategy, more CEO work so I had managers who would hire all of the employees. And so we have an electronic payroll system called Gusto and Kiara never completed her onboarding.”

He explained that he called police, and they told Ross not to re-enter the restaurant. She was arrested after she allegedly didn’t comply with the order.

“They put her in handcuffs, put her in a car and took her away. What she said to the officer was, ‘he put his m*****f******* hands on me.’ So he (the officer) was like, did you? And I was like I actually don’t know because it all happened so fast so let’s go look at the camera, let’s see what I did.”

He said after looking at footage of the incident,

“So I did put my hands on her but I put both hands on her shoulders to kinda turn her so we could go discuss this outside. So the extent of the quote-unquote abuse is basically me putting two hands on her shoulders so that we could go outside.”

As for claims he doesn’t provide refunds, he said:

“$64,000 in refunds happened in 2021. When people say ‘you don’t give refunds,’ I don’t know where the rumors are coming from because all my people who I’m live with every day on Instagram say yeah he took care of me and I’m straight.’”

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