Lil Baby Addresses His Recent Arrest In Paris, Says He Wasn’t Okay

Lil Baby Addresses His Recent Arrest In Paris, Says He Wasn’t Okay

Lil Baby recently spoke on his arrest in Paris.

While a large portion of his interview with Icebox was focused on the rapper’s jewelry, he also addressed his recent arrest in Paris.

As previously reportedLil Baby was detained by Parisian police officers on July 7th while he was attending Paris Fashion Week with James Harden.

Lil Baby, James Harden

The pair were stopped by the officers due to a strong smell of weed allegedly coming from their car. After a search, the officers found 32 grams of cannabis and arrested Lil Baby. However, Lil Baby was released the following day (July 8th).

Now, Lil Baby is sharing what was going through his mind during his detainment. After being asked what happened, the rapper responded:

“I know what happened now that I done thought about it. I got locked up, like, Thursday night and I had a show Saturday. I’m like, if I don’t get out Friday, I’m gonna get out Monday. I ain’t tryin’ to miss my show on Saturday.”

He continued, revealing he was “not good” during his time in a Parisian jail:

“Man, I’m talking like the whole world’s texting me. I mean DMing me and s**t. But I’m like, ‘I know y’all see me going to jail.’ They like, ‘You good?’ Like nah n***a, I’m not good! I’m in this b***h tripping. I went to jail a lot of times, right? But they speak English. So this like my first time going to jail and I’m like a kid. Like, I felt like a real kid.”

You can watch the full interview down below:

His account seems to connect to previous statements he made on the incident. Specifically, Lil Baby told Billboard that his Paris ordeal made him aware that he has to focus on expanding his international reach so people in other countries know who he is. He stated:

“The whole Paris experience let me know I got to get bigger overseas. Not saying to not go to jail for breaking the law, but for the police to know who I am.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley