Lil Baby Released After Being Arrested For Weed In Paris

Lil Baby And James Harden Stopped By Cops In Paris, Report Says Rapper Arrested

Update #1 (July 9th): Lil Baby has been released from custody after being arrested in Paris yesterday (July 8th).

According to Associated Press, he was released earlier this morning (July 9th) and hit with a fine. It was also noted that while James Harden was with the rapper during the arrest, he was frisked but not arrested.

More details of the arrest were also made public. It was reported that plainclothes officers stopped the NBA star and Lil Baby due to a strong smell of marijuana from the car. At first, Lil Baby didn’t let the police search the car (it was said to be a chaotic moment since he and James Harden didn’t understand what was going on because of the language barrier).

Officers in uniforms then got to the scene, searched the vehicle, and discovered 32 grams of cannabis.

Lil Baby and his bodyguard were arrested on suspicion of transporting drugs.

Lil Baby shared a photo on his Instagram stories after his release.

Original Story (July 8th): Lil Baby and NBA star James Harden continue to make headlines in Paris as they are there for Paris Fashion Week. According to reports, the NBA star and rapper, who are close friends, were stopped by police in Paris. There’s footage circulating of Lil Baby being detained on the street on Avenue Montaigne. Here’s a clip of James Harden stating

“I don’t understand.”

Here’s a clip of Lil Baby detained.

Reportedly, Lil Baby is said to have been arrested for weed. According to reports, he was among 3 people arrested for some sort of marijuana-related charge. They were said to have been pulled over and officers could smell marijuana. There were allegedly 20 grams of weed discovered.

No official statement has yet been released.

Authored by: Kellie Williams