EXCLUSIVE: Angel Brinks’ Boyfriend RoccStar Will Appear On ‘Basketball Wives’ With Her, Cheating Rumors Could Be A Storyline

EXCLUSIVE:  Angel Brinks’ Boyfriend RoccStar Will Appear On ‘Basketball Wives’ With Her, Cheating Rumors Could Be A Storyline

Angel Brinks is returning to Basketball Wives, and she’ll allegedly be bringing RoccStar along for the ride!

TheJasmineBrand EXCLUSIVELY reports that RoccStar (real name Leon Youngblood Jr.) will allegedly appear on season 10 of Basketball Wives alongside his girlfriend, Angel BrinksAngel Brinks made her VH1 debut back during the fourth season of Basketball Wives LA. She was later promoted to a main cast member, but left the series after season five.

Angel Brinks appeared on Basketball Wives as a result of her affiliation to Tyreke Evans, who’s her ex-boyfriend. She also formerly dated actor Jackie Long.

Jackie Long, Angel Brinks

Additionally, she has an ex-husband who tragically committed suicide while she was pregnant with her son, Azari.

When it comes to RoccStar, he was rumored to have had an affair with Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood costar Lyrica Anderson in the past, though it’s unclear whether or not this is true.

Lyrica Anderson

News that Angel Brinks and RoccStar were dating emerged late last year, specifically around Christmas. Since then, they’ve made only a small number of appearances together.

The pair seem to be going strong, as they recently opened up a trucking business together called Roccstar’s Angels Trucking, LLC.

However, some drama between RoccStar and Angel Brinks may play out on Basketball Wives. There are rumors circulating that RoccStar cheated on Angel, though they have not been confirmed.

Angel Brinks isn’t the only one slated to return to Basketball Wives. As previously reportedDJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey, and Brittish Williams are also allegedly returning to the series.

Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey

Additionally, Brandi Maxiell is supposed to return as well.

Brandi Maxiell

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Authored by: Nick Fenley