OJ Simpson Says He Avoids La Because He Might Be Sitting Next To The Real Killer: I Really Don’t Know Who Did This

O.J. Simpson is continuing to claim his innocence in the killing of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, which happened 27 years ago.

In an interview with TheAthletic.com, the former NFL star says he stays away from Los Angeles for this very reason.

“I have trouble with L.A. People may think this is self-serving, but I might be sitting next to whoever did it. I really don’t know who did this.”

In fact the 74-year-old believes that the real killer is still out there. He explains,

“I figured eventually somebody would confess to something, you know? I had one suspect I told my lawyers to look at. I still think he might be involved, but I can’t talk about it.”

Simpson was acquitted of the murders in criminal court, but was later found responsible for both deaths in a civil trial.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams