Wack 100 & 6ix9ine Get Into Heated Argument W/ 21 Savage On Clubhouse, Wack 100 Tells 21 Savage: I Will Beat Your Motherf***ing Little A**!

Wack 100, 6ix9ine, 21 Savage

Wack 100 & 6ix9ine Get Into Heated Argument W/ 21 Savage On Clubhouse, Wack 100 Tells 21 Savage: I Will Beat Your Motherf***ing Little A**!

21 SavageWack 100, and 6ix9ine got into it on Clubhouse–and Wack 100 threatened 21 Savage with violence!

Yesterday (Thursday, August 5th), 21 Savage and Wack 100 got into a heated argument on Clubhouse that related to 6ix9ine. The argument appears to have been centered on 21 Savage taking issue with Wack 100 and DJ Akademiks‘ prior interview with the controversial “GOOBA” rapper. During their lengthy interview, 6ix9ine spoke on his beef with 21 Savage, who formerly called him a rat. 6ix9ine claimed he saw 21 Savage in the club, and the “Brand New Draco” rapper did not confront him despite formerly speaking on 6ix9ine‘s name. Wack 100 apparently agreed that 21 Savage should have confronted 6ix9ine since he called him a rat.

During yesterday’s Clubhouse interaction, Wack 100 addressed 21 Savage‘s displeasure with the interview. He stated:

“21 Savage was upset with me about doing this interview [with 6ix9ine]. 21, what’s up man–you got stuff you wanna say to me?”

21 Savage immediately responded, saying:

“I said you lame for agreeing with anything that n***a [6ix9ine] say.”

Wack 100 then asked 21 Savage what he meant, and 21 Savage replied:

“Like I don’t agree with it. I don’t agree with what you were saying… Like I just feel like a gangsta and a rat can’t agree on nothing in life. I don’t give a d*** how right a n***a is.”

21 SavageWack 100, and 6ix9ine tried to speak over one another for a period of time. The bulk of the beef appeared to be between 6ix9ine and 21 Savage, though Wack 100 seemed to side with 6ix9ine throughout the argument.

21 Savage was soon fed up, and he stated:

“Man, I’m not finna do all this fake gangsta s**t on Clubhouse… I just told you how I felt–I ain’t got nothing else to say.”

Soon after, Wack 100 voiced that he felt disrespected by 21 Savage, and threatened him! Wack 100 said:

“21–respectfully, nephew–I know you. We always been solid, but Imma keep it real… me and you both know, n***a, if you were standing in front of me right now, you wouldn’t have that energy… N***a I will beat your motherf***ing little a**, little bitty a** boy… What we doing my n***a? You coming out here [to L.A.], or am I coming out there [to Atlanta]? Cause we can get down n***a. What we doing n***a? I will sock you the f**k out.”

6ix9ine was loudly hyping Wack 100 up throughout this period, and 21 Savage kept it short and simply said he’s in Atlanta and could meet up whenever. 6ix9ine also suggested both he and Wack 100 should go out to Atlanta to see 21 Savage.

You can watch the lengthy altercation down below:

No one involved–specifically 21 Savage, Wack 100, or 6ix9ine–has commented on the matter. DJ Akademiks, who was also present, has only shared short clips of the incident on social media.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley