Reality Star Shekinah Anderson Wants Defamation Lawsuit Brought By Sabrina Peterson Thrown Out Of Court


Shekinah Anderson, Sabrina Peterson

Shekinah Anderson Wants Defamation Lawsuit Brought By Sabrina Peterson Thrown Out Of Court

Reality star Shekinah Anderson is fighting back against the defamation suit she’s currently facing. As previously reported, in an attempt to defend her former friend, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Shekinah Anderson made allegations online that Sabrina Peterson was once responsible for recruiting women for Tiny and her husband T.I. to sleep with. Shekinah also claimed that Sabrina once had a sexual relationship with the famous couple as well.

She said,

“It came out that Tip pulled a gun on her, right? Tip not the victim no more, and Tiny now is the alleged. How do we go from that? She don’ got mad at Tameka for taking up for her husband. She has a problem. She ain’t talked about nothing how she f*cked Tameka and Tip. I said what I said.”

Shekinah added,

“Why she ain’t told y’all she one of the women who used to recruit the b*tches for them to f*ck? What’s up? Now there goes the real tea…And she women empowerment. Why she ain’t tell y’all?”

Following Shekinah’s serious claims, Sabrina Peterson filed a defamation lawsuit against the reality tv star this past March for damaging her reputation. Sabrina is also suing Tiny and T.I.  for defamation for comments they made about her after she accused T.I. of once holding a gun to her head and threatening to kill her.


It now seems that Shekinah is ready to shut down the lawsuit. According to court documents obtained by Radar, Shekinah is requesting that all claims filed against her by Sabrina be tossed out of court. In the motion, her lawyer writes,

“Ms. Anderson’s alleged speech concerned public, criminal allegations that Ms. Peterson levied via social media, and in the traditional media, against mutual acquaintances the Harrises, who are international celebrities, and whose reputations and sexual conduct were put in issue in a public forum by Ms. Peterson.”

In addition to that, Shekinah is claiming that Sabrina can’t prove she made her comments with malicious intent. Her lawyer seemingly alleges that Sabrina’s goal with the suit was to gain a larger media following. They wrote,

“Ms. Peterson increased her celebrity and social media following by ~100,000 people.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel