Youtuber Logan Paul Says Jordan Peele’s New Movie “Nope” Is ‘One Of The Worst Movies I’ve Seen In A Long Time’

Youtuber Logan Paul Says Jordan Peele’s New Movie “Nope” Is ‘One Of The Worst Movies I’ve Seen In A Long Time’

Spoiler alert! Logan Paul isn’t recommending Nope as a must watch.

On Sunday (July 24) Logan Paul took it to Twitter to share his opinion on Jordan Peele’s newest horror film Nope. Logan Paul tweeted:

““NOPE” is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. I love Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer can act her ass off, but this movie is objectively slow and confusing with stretched themes that don’t justify the pace (a thread)”

The 27-year-old said:

“It’s not hard to conceptualize something disturbing (a trained Chimp goes animalistic and mauls an entire set, or a UFO devours anything in its path) — it IS hard to sensibly tie it to the plot, which was done remarkably poor here. A series of questions… **spoiler alert**”

Paul continued:

“1.) No one was curious how a quarter shot through a man’s face and killed him? Or why a key was lodged in the backside of the horse he was riding? 2.) Why/how did the shoe stand upright on the set of Gordy’s Home? This one I’m sure has a reason but I haven’t found anything that makes sense. 3.) The deep-voiced cinematographer was cryptic for no reason other than to be cryptic. You’re telling me this guy was willing to die because he wanted better lighting to capture the ET? For real?”

Paul added:

“4.) Same note: man on the motorcycle. Why was his voice deep and robotic, framed to be an antagonist who’d have a grand reveal. Mystery solely for the sake of mystery is confusing and leaves too many open ends for a viewer trying to invest themselves in a story line. 5.) My next point — the story line is all over the place. In a crowd of 40 people, the actress who was mauled on the set of Gordy’s Home was there… why? Shock factor because of her scarring? Does she come to all of them? Did she come before the ET feeding? 6.) Jupe has trauma with the phenoma of commercializing predators for profit, and for the last 6 months, he’s been feeding horses to an ET in the sky… but what about before that? What is the purpose of that creepy cowboy theme park?”

The YouTube personality continued:

“7.) Why was so much emphasis placed on the name of the horses? They had title cards… why? 8.) Why was Barbie Ferreira, an incredible acting talent, so underutilized in this movie? Why was she even in the movie? 9.) Way to strip all the life from a phenomenal actor, Daniel Kaluuya, by casting him as possibly the most mundane, vanilla character I’ve ever seen. Not a question I’m just pissed. 10.) An extraterrestrial creature that is advanced enough to fully shapeshift, activate an anti-electromagnetic field, and propel itself in any direction quickly & quietly can’t tell the difference between a plastic inflatable and a viable meal? NOPE”

Paul concluded the thread by sharing:

“I love Peele, the VFX & aesthetic. But my thesis is this: I can feel him attempting to recreate the shock from Get Out and Us. Mystery, violent allure & cinematic choices made for the sake of reaction instead of legitimate contribution to the storyline killed this movie for me.”

According to reports, this is film maker Jordan Peele’s third consecutive movie to open at number one in the North American box office. Nope, which debuted on Friday (July 22), opened to an estimated $44 million during last weekend. The science-fiction film also stars Daniel Kaluuya playing a Hollywood horse wrangler dealing with some extra-terrestrial problems. On Monday (July 25) actress KeKe Palmer, 28, shared an update about Nope’s $44 million debut. In reference to Jordan Peele, 43, she said:

“He can’t be stopped.”

Below is the trailer for Peele’s Nope:

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill