Lil Nas X Refuses To Speak About Homophobia In Rap: It’s For My Own Safety, It’s A Very Dangerous Field

Lil Nas X Refuses To Speak About Homophobia In Rap: It’s For My Own Safety, It’s A Very Dangerous Field

While DaBaby’s homophobic comments were the center of the entertainment industry for weeks, you won’t hear Lil Nas X rap about homophobia at all.


Lil Nas Xwho is on the cover of Variety’s Power of Hollywood issue, said he’s hesitant to openly speak on people making comments against the LGBTQ+ community.

“The honest truth is, I don’t want to speak on a lot of the homophobia within rap because I feel like this is a very dangerous playing field. It’s more for my own safety rather than anything else.”

He said that he’s already retained security because of the criticism he received over his Montero (Call Me By Your Name) video:

When asked if he felt unsafe, he said:

“Yeah, a lot of times, absolutely. Especially after [‘Montero’]. There was literally someone who chased my car a few days after that video came out, yelling, ‘F*** you!’ or something. And that’s when I actually started getting security.”

While he’s not certain the incident stemmed from the video, he added,

“I feel like it couldn’t be a coincidence.”

He also spoke on surviving COVID-19 at the peak of his success following Old Town Road. 

“I think I spent all of the pandemic making music and crying — no in-betweens. For the first month or so, I did not leave my house, and once I did, I was super overly critical of everything I was making. I was letting everything online get to me and feeling like things were over for me.”

He said he’s now “a totally different person,” explaining:

“Honestly, I believe the pandemic helped me get out of the idea of trying to please everybody, and the idea of ‘He’s a cool gay person; he’s an acceptable gay person.’ I used to see things like that as a compliment, but it’s not. It just means you’re a people pleaser, and they never become legends. I wanted to be even more authentic in my music and let people into my life. I’m much more confident now — in my music, myself, my sexuality, the things that I believe that I stand for.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson