Raven Symone Reveals She Previously Broke Up W/ Her Now Wife After ‘Thinking That The Black Community Would Be Mad I Was Dating A White Person’

Raven Symone, Miranda Maday

Raven Symone Reveals She Previously Broke Up W/ Her Now Wife After ‘Thinking That The Black Community Would Be Mad I Was Dating A White Person’

Raven Symone and her wife Miranda Maday were all smiles when they tied the knot in a secret ceremony last year. But the actress and TV personality revealed that she once broke up with Miranda Maday out of fear of what the black community would think of her interracial relationship.

Raven Symone, Miranda Maday

The two explained during a joint interview with Noir Online that they started dating after meeting one another in 2015. They later broke up before getting back together and tying the knot.

Raven Symone explained why she previously ended things and said,

“I’ll be honest, it was kind of a self-inflicted, old way of thinking that the black community would be mad that I was dating a white person. It was this residual thought process that really wasn’t fact. And so I didn’t kow how to communicate that with her.”

Miranda Maday responded and said she “had no clue” Raven Symone was suffering in that way. Raven Symone added,

“I just caught people staring at me all the time. It felt weird but then again, it wasn’t really happening. I think I was just carrying burdens that happened in the ’90s and ’80s that weren’t really working for the now.”

Raven Symone

She added that another reason she broke up with Miranda Maday “back in the day” is that she wasn’t great in communicating and worked a ton. Still, she pointed out that Miranda Maday eventually “cracked the code,” adding:

“So here I am, married.”

When asked if they want children in the future, Raven Symone said:

“I’m trying to have a real honeymoon. We didn’t really get a real honeymoon…Until we actually have a honeymoon. But yes, we do want children, we do want a family, we are working towards that when we’re not on YouTube and building our brand. It is definitely going to happen. The thing is, were lesbians, we can plan it. There’s no surprise over here. So, we’re good.”

Raven Symone, Miranda Maday

Raven Symone went further into how the black community responded to her relationship via social media. She said,

“I learned a long time ago not to really read the comments, not to really give in to every single person’s opinion that decides to comment. I like Instagram, it’s fun, it’s great. But as soon as my phone shuts down, I shut it down. I used to really take the bait in the earlier stages of social media when I was first starting. But in regards to my family and how I choose to move forward with my private life, it’s nobody’s d*** business, so I don’t really care about your opinion.”

Still, she said her now-wife was also impacted by the negative remarks they received in the earlier day of their relationship.

“At the same time, she reads it, she’s like ‘They think this.’ And I’m like ‘They’re gonna think whatever they’re gonna think.’ And then I’ll read it and then of course it stings if you don’t read the love that you have for your partner. You’re like ‘Why don’t they understand you?’ Of course that’s gonna hurt. But I could really care less about what people say about our relationship because they’re not in our house when we close the door… So I don’t really care what you say. Sorry.”

She then revealed she has a Finsta and makes negative comments of her own.

“But I appreciate you following us. And please, have your opinions in the comments and start a conversation. Ultimately that’s what it is. We understand we’re putting our life on display for you to judge, but I’m not gonna read your judgment because trust me, I be under the comments under a different name judging people’s relationships the same way. So that’s [who we are as a people]. People judge.”



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