Wendy Williams Shows Off Her New ‘Boyfriend’

Wendy Williams, Boyfriend

Wendy Williams Shows Off Her New ‘Boyfriend’

Wendy Williams has a new beau and she’s already showing him off.

The talk show host posted a smiling picture on Sunday (Aug. 22) with the caption:

“My son’s 21st birthday party on the yacht in #Miami was everything he wanted!  Even my boyfriend”

This is Wendy Williams’ latest relationship after she divorced her husband Kevin Hunter in 2019. She filed for a split amid news he fathered a child with another woman. They were married for 22 years and share son, Kevin, Jr, 21.

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Wendy Williams with husband Kevin Sr. and son Kevin Jr. circa 2016

Her last rumored boyfriend was contractor Mike Esterman.  They met on a “Date Wendy” segment on her show earlier this year.

While rumors spread that they were a couple, she denied on her May 12 show that they had ever dated. She also had a few words for Mike Esterman, who is friends with actor and TV personality Mario Lopez, after he publicly spoke about their time together. Wendy Williams said,

“I didn’t say anything because I’m that grown, you know. We would have had this discussion way behind the scenes and I am not embarrassed because I am that grown. But since childish ones, Mike.”

She continued,

“He’s giving quotes! ‘I would like Wendy to have someone that she’s ready for when she’s ready for it.’”

Wendy Williams, Mike Esterman

She added,

“Who are you? What! Okay. I was as available now as I was then. We were never boyfriend and girlfriend so it wasn’t a thing. You [Mike Esterman] and Mario Lopez need to get your stories more symbiotic.”

She was responding to Mike Esterman’s remarks that Wendy should be with someone that has more time on their hands. He said after their split,

“She deserves to be with someone who may have more time.”

He continued and said that they were never officially together.

“We were never an item after three dates. I had placed all work-related tasks aside to get to know her on a personal level, no angles or hidden agendas. I can only wish her the best as we both continue the search at our own paces and remain friends in the process.”

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Authored by: Ericka Bates