Falynn Pina Shares 1st Maternity Photo As Her Ex-Husband Simon Guobadia Calls Out Black Dads Who Don’t Provide For Their Kids + Falynn’s Baby Daddy Seemingly Chimes In

Falynn Guobadia, Simon Guobadia, Jaylan Banks

Falynn Pina Shares 1st Maternity Photo As Her Ex-Husband Simon Guobadia Calls Out Black Dads Who Don’t Provide For Their Kids + Falynn’s Baby Daddy Seemingly Chimes In

While pregnant RHOA star Falynn Pina was sharing her first maternity photo, her ex-husband was sharing a message about parenting and fatherhood. Her boyfriend and father of her child, Jaylan Banks, chimed in as well.

Falynn Pina, who recently announced her pregnancy, posted an intimate black and white photo of her cradling her baby bump yesterday (Aug. 23). She wrote,

“Birth takes a woman’s deepest fears and show her that she is stronger than them.”

Falynn Pina’s pregnancy comes just months after her and Simon Guobadia’s very public divorce.

As previously reported, they announced their split back in April.

Shortly after, he and Falynn Guobadia’s RHOA co-star Porsha Williams announced they were engaged.

Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams

While their relationship sparked controversy as fans believed Falynn and Porsha Williams were friends, Porsha Williams denied being close to her.

Falynn’s pregnancy snapshot also comes after Simon Guobadia accused her of cheating on him with Jaylan Banks, and alleged she was pregnant weeks before she confirmed the news.

Now, he’s sharing his own thoughts on parenting after Falynn posted her picture. He wrote,

“According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a parent is a person who brings up and cares for another. However, being a parent does not necessarily mean that you biologically passed your genetics to your child. A parent can take on different forms, such as a stepparent, grandparent, legal guardian, or a combination.”

He called out men who do not provide their children in the caption, adding:

“This message is particularly directed at black men. I do NOT consider you a man IF you are NOT emotionally and financially providing for your child. God would NOT and cannot look kindly on you. Stand up and show up for your child in order to be considered a man and accorded the respect you deserve as a father. If you are not caring for your child, Unfollow me and get the FU*k off my page, we are not in the same league. When you start meeting your obligation as a parent, I will start respecting you.”

“In order to hold the moral high ground on parenting, you must demonstrate you are consistent and committed to the care and upbringing of your child. You must financially provide for them…no excuse is acceptable. If you are being derailed by a co-parent, the courts are on your side to ensure your rights as a parent are preserved. And also make sure in the eyes of the law, you are STILL considered a parent, rather than “sperm donor”.”

He ended with,

“You CANNOT claim fatherhood IF you have not emotionally and financially providing for your child PERIOD! #respectfully

See his full post below.

Meanwhile, Jaylan Banks is touting fatherhood proudly. He shared a photo of himself getting off of a bus with the caption,

“Time for DADDY to take a vacation.”

Falynn has three children from a previous relationship, while this is supposedly Jaylan’s first.

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Authored by: Ericka Bates