Wendy Williams Says Kevin Hunter’s ‘One Job’ For His Daughter Is To ‘Keep Her Off The Pole’

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Says Kevin Hunter’s ‘One Job’ For His Daughter Is To ‘Keep Her Off The Pole’

Wendy Williams is not letting up on her ex-husband’s mistress and love child.

Earlier this week, Wendy Williams name-dropped Sharina Hudson, who infamously had a years-long affair with Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Sharina Hudson and Kevin Hunter welcomed a child together, Journey, in 2019 as Wendy Williams filed for divorce. Wendy said during the Hot Topics segment of her show Tuesday, Jan. 26th:

“I can’t believe how fearless I am. I can’t believe how many people have been drawn into my situation for the 12 years that I’ve been entertaining you on television. Welcome to Hot Topics Sharina Hudson. Getting out of my car, with my money. Good morning, Journey… I think she’ll be three next month don’t you know. Good morning Kevin.”

Before that, she made it clear in a separate interview that she had no plans on meeting the child.

“Why would I want to meet her? I don’t know her. And I don’t wanna know her…She’ll want to meet me first though. Do you know where your father was the night that your mother was giving birth? He was with that lady on TV, Miss Wendy. ‘Cause he was with me.”

And she isn’t slowing down. Wendy had more to say during an interview on Fox Soul’s Out Loud With Claudia Jordan. The daytime talk show host said,

“I’m paying for my kid to stay in school, he can’t count on his father. I’m paying alimony. I’m paying for him to take care of his new daughter. What do you think he’s using my alimony for? I’m paying for his luxurious lifestyle. He still likes Rolls Royces and the newest MCM bags… either for her or for him just to keep her quiet.”

She added,

“He’s very sorry, and I believe him…He’s very sorry that he was a serial cheater, he’s very sorry that he got caught. He’s very sorry that a lot of his guy friends helped me catch him…”

She also said during the interview,

“He’ll never meet a girl like me, to inspire him.”

When asked if she’s met Kevin Hunter’s child she said,

“Who? Journey? Yeah, Journey, that’s her name. That’s a pretty name right? No. He’s got one job. Keep her off the pole and hopefully she’ll be more educated than her mother and father.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson