J.R. Smith Slams Sports Outlet For Reposting A TikTok Suggesting He Was ‘Off The Henny’ During Class

J.R. Smith Slams Sports Outlet For Reposting A TikTok Suggesting He Was ‘Off The Henny’ During Class

J.R. Smith wants people to stop with the Henny jokes and start being positive about his educational pursuits!

Yesterday (Wednesday, Aug. 25th), former NBA star J.R. Smith slammed a sports media outlet for sharing a TikTok of him at his university, North Carolina A&TJ.R. Smith enrolled at the institution earlier this month, and he was notably just approved to join the school’s golf team.

In the TikTok, a fellow student spots J.R. Smith in the hallway and captions the video:

“This man J.R. really go to my college. He probably off the henny right now.”

@thatguy.camHe being studious #MyTeacherWins #xyzbca #foryou #fyp?? original sound – Cameron

Shortly thereafter, House of Highlights proceeded to upload the TikTok to its Instagram page. J.R. Smith stepped into the comment section to slam the outlet, writing:

“Ight that Henny s**t really not funny tho can y’all try a different joke! Not really mad at the kid honestly they gone say whatever but @houseofhighlights the disrespect y’all post it’s truly enough. As a black man in America you still can’t move on from the bulls**t that people continue to put on your name! Not one positive post about going to school an trying to better myself! Y’all make it look so weak/corney [sic] to inspire my people to want to do better you consistently bring up an post bulls**t.”

The media outlet deleted the TikTok reupload shortly after J.R. Smith‘s comment.

It is also worth noting that the former NBA star spoke about how school is going for him so far. On Twitter yesterday (Aug. 25th), J.R. Smith said:

“Everyone around the city keep asking me ‘who you got doing your work’ s**t me lol I’m really trying to learn something tf.”

He also promised to live tweet his college experience, and he revealed that many classmates still don’t believe J.R. Smith is taking classes alongside them.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley