Common To Produce & Star In Boxing Film Written By ‘SnowFall’ Creator

Common To Produce & Star In Boxing Film Written By ‘SnowFall’ Creator

Multi-hyphenate rapper Common is heading to the big screen yet again. He’s set to star and executive produce a film called The Faith of Long Beach. Snowfall creator, Eric Amadio will direct and write. The project follows the life of a streetfighter who finds himself in the professional boxing world. 

A synopsis reads:

“The Faith of Long Beach follows a soft-spoken street fighter raised in a group home in Long Beach, California, who is torn between his street-life past and a promising future when he attempts to move beyond backyard brawls and follow his estranged father’s footsteps into the world of professional boxing.”


The 49-year-old rapper will star as a washed-up boxing trainer with a questionable past.  Common and Marie Cisco will produce the film under their Stardust banner in collaboration with Adonis Tountas and Garrett Weaver for Everlast. 

In a statement, Tountas talked about how he’s looking forward to Amadio’s writing. He said,

“After watching Snowfall and being a fan of Eric’s work, he’s exactly who I wanted to bring this powerful story to life.” 

He also expressed his excitement to get to work with Common,

“I’ve had this story idea for a few years and always envisioned Common playing an important role. So I am extremely humbled and thrilled to be working with him on this. 

Common was most recently seen working his acting muscles on the Netflix series, Never Have I Ever.

He’s also set to star in Alice alongside Keke Palmer. Acting isn’t the only thing we’ll be seeing from Common. His latest musical project is set to come out on September 10th and will be called A Beautiful Revolution Part 2.

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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle