Meek Mill Allegedly Sent The Police To DJ Akademiks’ Home & Told Him ‘I’ll Die To Shut You Down’ As Their Beef Continues

Meek Mill, DJ Akademiks

Meek Mill Allegedly Sent The Police To DJ Akademiks’ Home & Told Him ‘I’ll Die To Shut You Down’ As Their Beef Continues

Rapper Meek Mill had plenty more to say to DJ Akademiks following their recent online confrontation.

The Philadelphia native claimed he’s willing to risk his life to see the culture commentator’s demise after the two got into it over speculations about Meek’s sexuality.

Meek Mill

In case you’re unfamiliar with the situation, Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks started taking shots at one another after music producer Lil Rod’s sexual abuse lawsuit against Diddy began circulating the internet. The legal document reportedly included the redacted name of an individual who allegedly had sex with the music mogul and was described as a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.

Many, including DJ Akademiks, speculated that the unidentified person is Meek, as he is a Philly rapper who was in a public relationship with Minaj from 2015-2017. After reacting to the speculation, Akademiks got caught up in Meeks’s wrath. The Dream Chasers artist accused the YouTuber of being a jealous alcoholic and asked the internet to help him find Akademiks’ address. Continuing his rant in since-deleted tweets, Meek reportedly added:

 “You want the street n***as to die fr I can’t wait til that liquor hit your organs.”

To which Akademiks responded:

“N***a when you talk about Asking for my address online u talking about DEATH games,”

In a subsequent deleted post, Meek continued:

“I’ll die to shut you down.”

Prompting Akademiks to respond:

“Well noted. My address on google. u still tweeting,”

Meek went on to claim that he received a phone call from a governor friend who urged him to take down his posts. Though he bowed out of the argument, Akademiks continued. The internet personality slammed the musician for taking issue with him instead of the person who filed the suit in the first place. In one tweet, Akademiks referred to Meek as “Freak Mill” which ended up trending on the social platform. (See reactions to the moniker below.)

During a subsequent live stream discussing the situation, Akademiks claimed that Meek sent the police to his home. In other posts, he stated that the rapper accused him of being responsible for several murders and reversely accused him of being a snitch.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson