Usher Accepts The Title As The ‘King Of R&B’: I Do Own That & I Do Deserve It [VIDEO]


Usher Accepts The Title As The ‘King Of R&B’: I Do Own That & I Do Deserve It [VIDEO]

Usher has officially accepted the “King of R&B” title!

In a recent interview on SiriusXM’s “Bevelations” with radio host Bevy Smith, the 43-year-old R&B singer discussed embracing the sought-after “King of R&B” title.


While seemingly ready to accept the title, Usher admitted to the co-host that he should be the one to take the throne. When asked if he was willing to officially accept the role as R&B King, the singing legend responded,

“I mean, you call me that, I’ll definitely carry it. I’m a tilt my crown knowing that I’m standing on the shoulders of all of the icons of our time. It is Michael [Jackson] that I stand on the shoulders of, it is James Brown that I stand on the shoulders of, it is Ronald Isley I stand on the shoulders of, it is Luther Vandross, it is Barry White, it is Teddy Pendergrass.”

He shared,

“It is all of these incredible artists like Marvin Gaye that will never be forgotten as long as there’s a breath in my body to breathe. It’s all of them. And as a result of that, yeah, you wanna give me that crown, you tell me who gon’ do it better.”


Usher, born Usher Raymond IV, confirmed that he’s still in the studio making R&B hits because of the musical gift he was given and those who paved the way before him. The hitmaker said,

“I am, and I am because I’ve been given a gift, a gift that came from God, man. I’m carrying them, so if anything, you wanna give me a crown? I’m the last of my kind. That’s what I’m a say.

The musician added,

“King, whatever you want to call it. Yeah, I been working to the point where I do own that, and I do deserve it, and I ain’t going to ask for it no more, you’re going to give it.”

As previously reported, Usher called out rapper/record executive Diddy for saying R&B is dead. During an Instagram Live with music producer Timbaland, Diddy announced,

“R&B is muthaf–kin’ dead as of right now. The R&B I made my babies to? R&B gotta be judged to a certain thing—it’s the feeling though, doggy. No, no, no. It’s a feeling. You gotta be able to sing for R&B and then you gotta tell the truth. R&B is not a hustle. This sh*t is about feeling your vulnerability.”

As a response to the controversial remark, the “Confessions” singer said,

“R&B is timeless. It ain’t gonna go away. It’s not gonna have a beat. So when I do hear people, even like Puff saying, you know, ‘R&B is dead,’ he sounds nuts to me, it sounds crazy, you know? Especially knowing that he was a pioneer in understanding, a beneficiary of it. You know? The source that is R&B created the breath of life, that was breathing to hip-hop. It wouldn’t be, there would be no hip-hop if there were no R&B.”

Usher added,

“So it’s blasphemous to hear people say anything, especially hip-hop cats, to say anything about R&B. It’s like nah, it’s been there it’s gon stay there, as long as you exist, then it’s there, cause that’s where y’all got it from.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely